Numerous Names Collection

This page categorizes the names of men and women who have popped up most throughout my research. While it seems to be a running joke in some schools that each grade has four Mary's, in this case, I've identified that to be a historical fact more than an outlier. The most popular names I've identified are: Alice, Ann, Barbara, Catherine, Elizabeth, Hannah, James, Jane, Jean, Joan, John, Joseph/Josephine, Julia/Julian, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Rebecca, Rose, Sara, William.

If you spot a name under the list that clearly isn't the same name (Take Nancy Reagan for Example), that's because their born given name was the name under the heading.


  1. Alice Ball, Chemist Who Created the First Real Leprosy Treatment
  2. Alice Berry Graham, Co-Creator of Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City
  3. Alice Bullis Ayler, One of the Last Children to Ride an Orphan Train
  4. Alice Coachman, The First African American Woman to Earn an Olympic Gold Medal
  5. Alice Doherty, The Minnesota Woolly Girl
  6. Alice Guy-Blache, The First Writer and Director of Narrative Films
  7. Alice Huyler Ramsey, The First Woman to Drive Across the United States, Coast to Coast
  8. Alice Liddell Hargreaves, The Real Alice in Wonderland
  9. Alice Paul, Strategist and Women's Suffrage Advocate In the United States
  10. Alice Perrers, Mistress to Edward III
  11. Alice Sanger, the first female staffer hired by the White House

Ann/Anna/Anne/Annie etc:

  1. General Ann E Dunwoody, The First Woman to Attain the Rank of Four-Star General in the United States Army
  2. Ann Hodges, Meteorite Victim
  3. Ann Rutledge, Reportedly Abraham Lincoln's First Love
  4. Anna D Allen, World War II Veteran and Schoolteacher
  5. Anna Aumuller, She was Murdered By Her Catholic Priest Husband
  6. Anna Bagenholm, Radiologist and World Record Holder
  7. Anna Ella Carroll, The First Unofficial Female Member of a US Cabinet
  8. Anna J Harrison, Physical Chemist
  9. Anna Kingsley, From Princess to Slave to Plantation Overseer
  10. Anna May Wong, The First Chinese-American Film Actress
  11. Anna Nicole Smith, Model and Actress
  12. Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue
  13. Anne Askew, Protestant Martyr
  14. Anne Boleyn, Queen of England and Second Wife of Henry VIII
  15. Anne Bonny, Pirate
  16. Anne Bradstreet, Poet
  17. Anne Brontë, Novelist and Poet
  18. Anne Frank, Diarist and Victim of the Shoah
  19. Anne Hutchinson, Puritan Rule Breaker
  20. Anne Neville, Queen Consort of England
  21. Anne of Cleves, Queen of England and Fourth Wife of Henry VIII
  22. Anne Royall, The First Female Journalist to Interview a United States President
  23. Anne Sheafe Miller, The First Patient Saved by Penicillin
  24. Anne Sullivan, The Woman Who Taught Helen Keller
  25. Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe
  26. Anneliese Michel, The Real Exorcist Victim
  27. Annette Dionne, One Fifth of the First Set of Quintuplets Known to Survive Infancy
  28. Annie Easley, Computer Programmer and Hidden Figure
  29. Annie Edson Taylor, The First Person to Go Down Niagara Falls in a Barrel and Survive
  30. Major Annie Fox, The First Female Recipient of the Combat Purple Heart
  31. Annie Jump Cannon, Pioneering Astronomer
  32. Annie K Londonderry, The First Woman to Bicycle Her Way Around the World
  33. Annie Moore Schayer, The First Immigrant to Pass Through Ellis Island
  34. Annie Oakley, Famed Sharpshooter
  35. Dina Babbitt, Shoah Survivor and Artist
  36. Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady of the United States
  37. Faustina the Elder, Empress of Rome
  38. Faustina the Younger, Empress of Rome
  39. Moana Pozzi, Adult Film Actress and Politician
  40. Nancy Reagan, Former First Lady of the United States
  41. Tina Turner, Singer and Dancer


  1. Barbara Bush, Former First Lady of the United States of America
  2. Barbara Corcoran, Founder of the Corcoran Group and Shark on ABC's Shark Tank
  3. Barbara Luddy, Voice Actress and Radio Star
  4. Barbara McClintock, Cytogeneticist
  5. Barbara Villiers Palmer, Mistress to Charles II of England
  6. Barbara Walters, Media Personality and Journalist
  7. Barbara Washburn, The First Woman to Summit Mt. Denali
  8. Barbi Benton, Model, Singer, and Actress
  9. Barbra Streisand, Multifaceted Entertainer

Catherine/Katherine etc:

  1. Arizona Barker, Notorious Outlaw
  2. Cathay Williams, The First Woman to Enlist in the US Army
  3. Catherine Barnard, First Female Elected State Official from Oklahoma
  4. Catherine Cortez Masto, The First Latina State Attorney General and Senator
  5. Catherine Davidson, Union Soldier During the War Between the States
  6. Catherine de Medici, Queen of France
  7. Catherine Farrell Adler, The First Female Marine to Serve in Arlington's Marine Corps Honor Guard
  8. Catherine Gonsalvus, The Real Beauty
  9. Catherine Howard, Queen of England and Fifth Wife of Henry VIII
  10. Catherine, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge
  11. Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England and First Wife of Henry VIII
  12. Catherine of Valois, Queen Consort of England
  13. Catherine "Kitty" Genovese, Murder Victim Whose Death Helped Create the 911 Emergency Alert System
  14. Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia
  15. Catherine O'Leary, Life Ruined by the Implication She had Started the Great Chicago Fire
  16. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Actress
  17. Cathie Jung, Now That is a Slim Waist
  18. Catterina Vizzani, The Lesbian, Renaissance Crossdresser
  19. Ekaterina Dolgorukaya, Mistress and Later Wife of Alexander II
  20. Kate Shelley, Railroad Heroine
  21. Kate Warne, The First Female Detective in United States History
  22. Katharina Schratt, Mistress of Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary
  23. Katharine Berry Richardson, Co-Created Children's Mercy Hospital Alongside Her Sister Alice
  24. Katharine Graham, Former CEO of The Washington Post
  25. Katharine Wright Haskell, Supportive Sister and So Much More
  26. Katherine Johnson, Physicist and Hidden Figure
  27. Katherine Parr, Queen of England and Sixth Wife of Henry VIII
  28. Kathrine Switzer, The First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon
  29. Kathryn Beaumont, Voice Actress and Disney Legend
  30. Kathryn Bigelow, The First Woman to Win the Academy Award for Best Director
  31. Kittie Wilkins, The Horse Queen of Idaho

Elisabeth/Elizabeth etc:

  1. Bessie Coleman, The First African American and Native American Woman to Earn a Pilot's License
  2. Betsy Ross, Legend Has it She Stitched the First US Flag
  3. Betty Ford, Former First Lady of the United States
  4. Betty Zane, Revolutionary War Heroine
  5. Elisabeth of Austria, Empress of Austria
  6. Elisabetta Sirani, One of the Most Famous Painters in Early Modern Bologna
  7. Eliza Cook, Poet and Political Reformist
  8. Elizabeth Bacon Custer, Widow of General George Custer
  9. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Poet
  10. Elizabeth Blackburn, Former President of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
  11. Elizabeth Blackwell, The First Woman to Receive a Medical Degree from an American School
  12. Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount, Mistress to Henry VIII
  13. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Social Reformer & Suffrage Leader
  14. Elizabeth Cowell, The First Female Television Announcer
  15. Elizabeth Fleischman-Aschheim, X-Ray Pioneer
  16. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, The First Woman to Qualify as a Surgeon and Doctor in the UK
  17. Elizabeth I, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland
  18. Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom
  19. Elizabeth Hart Jarvis Colt, The First Lady of Hartford
  20. Elizabeth Jennings Graham, She Did it 100 Years Before Rosa Parks
  21. Elizabeth Keckley, Former Slave Turned Seamstress to Mary Todd Lincoln
  22. Elizabeth Magie, Inventor of Monopoly
  23. Elizabeth Peabody, Educator and Author
  24. Elizabeth Proctor Richards, Salem Witch
  25. Elizabeth Rawdon, The First Person to Undertake a Scientific Study of a Bog Body
  26. Elizabeth Short, The Black Dahlia
  27. Elizabeth Tabor, The Silver Queen of Colorado
  28. Elizabeth Taylor, Actress and Advocate for Various Causes
  29. Elizabeth Woodville, England's "White Queen"
  30. Erzsébet Báthory de Ecsed, Possibly a Notorious Serial Killer
  31. Lizzie Arlington, The First Woman to Play on a Men's Professional Baseball Team
  32. Lola Montez, Professional Liar
  33. Millvina Dean, The Last Living Survivor of the RMS Titanic
  34. Nellie Bly, Pioneer in Investigative Journalism


  1. Hannah Adams, the First Woman to Work Professionally as a Writer in the United States
  2. Hannah Anderson Ropes, Nurse During the War Between the States
  3. Hannah Duston, This Colonial Revenge Story is Sure to Sicken the Masses
  4. Hannah Snell,Soldier and Sailor
  5. Hannah Stilley Gorby, The Oldest Person Ever Photographed
  6. Hannah Szenes, Poet and SOE Operator During World War II
  7. Hannah White Arnett, Revolutionary War Patriot


  1. James Clerk Maxwell, without him you never would have heard of Einstein
  2. Father James Coyle, he was murdered for an act of kindness
  3. James Doohan, actor who was shot six times by friendly fire during D-Day
  4. James Dunwoody Bulloch, The Confederate Navy's Greatest Asset
  5. James Parks, a freedman who is prominently buried in Arlington National Cemetery
  6. Colonel James Rowe, one of thirty-four prisoners to escape captivity during the Vietnam War
  7. James Wilson Marshall, he found the small sliver of gold that struck the '49 Rush


  1. Jane Austen, novelist
  2. Jane Dickenson, Indentured Servant and Captive of the Pamunkey Tribe
  3. Jane Goodall,Primatologist
  4. Jane Grey, queen of England for a whole nine days
  5. Jane Haining, Missionary and One of Ten Confirmed Scotsmen to Have Died in a Nazi Concentration Camp
  6. Jane Seymour, Henry VIII's third wife
  7. Jane Stanford,Co-Founder of Stanford University
  8. Jane C Wright, Oncologist and Pioneering Cancer Researcher


  1. Jean Laborde, The Man Who Industrialized Madagascar
  2. Jean Paul, advocate and wife of the chief of the Maliseet Tribe
  3. Jean-Francois Champollion, one of the most important figures in translating Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  4. Jeanette Churchill, So much more than Winston's Mum
  5. Jeanne Becu, mistress to Louis XV of France
  6. Jeanne Boulet, Victim of the Beast of Gevauden
  7. Jeanne Calment, The Longest Living Confirmed Person in History
  8. Jeanne Hebuterne, Painter and Model
  9. Jeanne Poisson,mistress to Louis XV of France
  10. Jeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to US Congress


  1. Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP
  2. Pope Joan, Catholic Pope--Possibly
  3. Joan of Arc,Heavenly Warrior
  4. Joan Beauchamp Procter, Zoologist and Herpetologist
  5. Joan Crawford, One of Hollywood's Most Famous Actresses
  6. Joan Lee, Actress, Model, Author, and Wife of Stan the Man
  7. Joan Rivers, Comedian
  8. Joan Whitney-Payson, the First Woman to Buy Major Interest into a North American Sports League Team
  9. Joanna of Castile, Queen of Castile and Aragon
  10. Joanne Hayes-White, The First Woman to Serve as Chief of San Francisco's Fire Department
  11. Joanne Winter, Baseball and Golf Player


  1. John CollinsRMS TitanicSurvivor
  2. John Glenn, that's one small step for a man
  3. John Harington, the man who named his toilet Ajax (it also just happened to be the first flushing toilet)
  4. John Killian Wren, the first FBI Agent of Native American Heritage
  5. Col. John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming Churchill, he fought in World War II armed with bagpipes, a broadsword, and a longbow
  6. John B RyersonRMS TitanicSurvivor
  7. John Thayer IIIRMS TitanicSurvivor
  8. John Walsh, Host of America's Most Wanted
  9. Private John Williams, the last casualty of the War Between the States
  10. John Peter Zenger, Free Speech for Me!


  1. Josefina Guerrero, The Leper Spy
  2. Joseph Goldberger, you don't know what pellagra is because of him (be thankful)
  3. Joseph LaPointe Jr, Conscientious Objector and Medal of Honor Recipient
  4. Joseph Lister, the man who pioneered antiseptic medicine
  5. Josephine de Beauharnais Bonaparte, Empress of France
  6. Josephine S Lowell, Philanthropist and Advocate for Various Social Welfare Programs
  7. Myrtle Corbin, The Four-Legged Girl From Texas


  1. Giulia Tofana, Professional Poisoner
  2. Julia Agrippina, The First Roman Empress
  3. Julia Child, Celebrity Chef
  4. Julia Drusilla The Younger, Caligula's Only Legitimate Child
  5. Julia the Elder, Augustus's Only Biological Child
  6. Julia Gnuse, The Most Tattooed Lady in the World
  7. Julia Grant,The First Lady during her husband Ulysses S Grant's term
  8. Julian Assange, *Cue angry comments in 3...2...1*
  9. Juliane (Koepcke) Diller, Only Survivor of LANSA Flight 508
  10. Julie Andrews, Academy Award Winning Actress
  11. Julie d'Aubigny,The Bisexual Sword Swinging Opera Singer
  12. Julie Krone, The First Female Horse Jockey to Win the Triple Crown
  13. Julien Bryan, documentarian who illegally recorded life inside Berlin
  14. Juliet Opie Hopkins, Confederate Nurse during the War Between the States
  15. Juliette Lewis, Actress

Margret/Margaret etc:

  1. Daisy Ashford, Nine-Year-Old Novelist
  2. Maggie Smith, Actress
  3. Maggie Walker, Civil Rights Activist and Businesswoman
  4. Margaret Abbott, The First US Woman to Become an Olympic Champion
  5. Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England and Pivotal Figure in the Wars of the Roses
  6. Margaret Breen McMahon, Last Survivor of the Donner Party
  7. Margaret Brent, The First Woman in the American Colonies to Appear Before a Court of Common Law
  8. Margaret Bulkley, Successful Army Surgeon
  9. Margaret Corbin, The First American Woman to be Awarded a Military Pension
  10. Margaret Floy Washburn, The First Woman to Earn a PhD In Psychology
  11. Margaret Hamilton, NASA Computer Code Writer
  12. Margaret Harwood, First Female Director of the Maria Mitchell Observatory
  13. Margaret Heffernan Borland, One of the First Female Cattle Drivers in the United States
  14. Margaret Keane, Painter Known for Her "Big Eyed Waifs"
  15. Margaret of Norway, Scotland's First Queen Regnant
  16. Margaret Rudkin, Founder of Pepperidge Farm
  17. Margaret Pole, Once a Traitor Now a Martyr
  18. Margaret Thatcher, The First Female Prime Minister of Great Britain
  19. Margaret Tobin Brown, The Unsinkable Maggie Brown, TitanicSurvivor
  20. Margaretha Zelle MacLeod, Mata Hari


  1. Adrienne de Noailles Lafayette, Lafayette's Wife and So Much More
  2. Belle Boyd, Confederate Spy
  3. Delphine LaLaurie, Notorious Serial Killer
  4. Elisa Griensen, Fought in the Mexican Revolution
  5. Eva Peron, Former First Lady of Argentina
  6. Maria Bartola, The First Historian of Mexico
  7. Maria Gaetana Agnesi, Pioneering Calculus Mathematician
  8. Maria Goeppert Mayer, Theoretical Physicist
  9. Maria Halpin Hunt, Her Life was Destroyed by a US President
  10. Senora Dona Maria Luz Corral de Villa, Pancho Villa's Wife
  11. Maria Milagro de Hoyos, Today She is More Remembered for What Happened to Her Body After She Died
  12. Maria Mitchell, The First Female Astronomer in the United States
  13. Maria Montessori, Creator of the Montessori Learning Technique
  14. Maria Nikolaevna Romanova, Grand Duchess of Russia
  15. Maria Rasputin, Circus Performer and Grigori Rasputin's Daughter
  16. Maria Sibylla Merian, Entomologist and Scientific Illustrator
  17. Maria Teresa Mirabal, One of Las Mariposas
  18. Marianne Cope, Catholic Saint Who Helped Those Stricken with Hansen's Disease
  19. SSGT Mariya Oktyabrskaya, The Tank Driver Who Commanded Fighting Girlfriend
  20. Marie Aioe Dorion, The Second Woman to Trek Across the Western United States After Sacagawea
  21. Marie Antoinette, Queen of France
  22. Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier, French Communist Politician
  23. Marie Claude Beaumont, Former Le Mans Driver
  24. Marie Dionne, One Fifth of the First Set of Quintuplets Known to Survive Infancy
  25. Marie Equi, Birth Control Provider and Political Demonstrator
  26. Marie "Mimi" Haist, Queen Mimi
  27. Marie-Louise O'Murphy, Youngest European Court Mistress
  28. Marie Marvingt, Pioneering Aviatrix and Athlete
  29. Marie Maynard Daly, The First African American Woman to Receive a PhD in Chemistry
  30. Marie Skłodowska Curie, The First Person to Ever Receive Two Nobel Prizes in Differing Sciences
  31. Marie Stopes, Eugenicist and Birth Control Pioneer
  32. Marie Walewska, Mistress of Napoleon
  33. Mary Horony Cummings, Also Known as Big Nose Kate
  34. Minerva Mirabal, One of Las Mariposas
  35. Olympe de Gouges, The Author of the Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Female Citizen
  36. Sacheen Littlefeather, "Native American" Activist
  37. Sophie Blanchard, The First Professional Female Balloonist


  1. Billie Burke, Academy Award Winning Actress
  2. Caresse Crosby, Inventor, Publisher, and Businesswoman
  3. Edmonia Lewis, The First Professional African American Artist
  4. Mother Fidelia McMahon, Helped Expand and Innovate Arizona's First Hospital
  5. George Eliot, Novelist
  6. Jennie Wade, the Only Civilian Killed at the Battle of Gettysburg
  7. Josephine Hensley, Influential Landowner in Montana's Wild West
  8. Libby Thompson, Madam, Prostitute, and Dance Hall Girl
  9. Mae Capone, Al's Widow
  10. Mae West, One of Hollywood's First "Sex Symbols"
  11. Mamie Fossett, Deputy Marshal in the Indian Territory
  12. Marilu Henner, Actress
  13. Mary Agnes Chase, Botanist and Social Activist
  14. Mary Anderson, Windshield Wiper Inventor
  15. Mary Ann Conklin, Manager of Seattle's First Known Brothel
  16. Mary Anna Custis Lee, Family Connections Mean Nothing in War
  17. Mary Anne Arnold, The Cross-Dressing Sailor
  18. Mary Anne Talbot, She Served in the French Revolution Dressed Like a Man
  19. Mary Anning, The Fossil Collector
  20. Mary Bankes, Defended Her Home During the English Civil War
  21. Mary Barrett Dyer, One of America's First Religious Martyrs
  22. Mary Boleyn, Mistress of Henry VIII
  23. Mary Bradford Johns, Heroine of the Battle of Nashville
  24. Mary Brooks, Director of the US Mint From 1969 to 1977
  25. Mary Colter, Interior Designer and Architect
  26. Mary Curzon, Vicereine of India
  27. Mary Donoho, The First Lady of the Santa Fe Trail
  28. Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, The First Woman in US History to be Awarded the Medal of Honor
  29. Mary Ellen Pleasant, Entrepreneur & Abolitionist
  30. Mary Fairfax Somerville, Astronomer and Scientist
  31. Mary Frith, aka Moll Cutpurse
  32. Mary Galloway, Union Soldier During the War Between the States
  33. Mary Golda Ross, First Female Native American Engineer
  34. Mary Higby Schweitzer, Paleontologist who Made an Astonishing Discovery
  35. Mary Jackson, The First African American Female Engineer at NASA
  36. Mary Jo Kopechne, Teacher and Campaign Worker
  37. Mary Katharine Goddard, The First Female Postmaster General in US History
  38. Mary Lou Gulley, The Mystery Castle Owner
  39. Mary Fields, aka Stagecoach Mary
  40. Mary I, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland
  41. Mary Leakey, Paleoanthropologist
  42. Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley, The Real Molly Pitcher
  43. Mary Magdalene, Jesus's Apostle
  44. Mary Mallon, "Typhoid Mary"
  45. Mary McLeod Bethune, Civil Rights Advocate
  46. Mary Musgrove, Interpreter and Trading Post Owner
  47. Mary Page Handy, Arizona Pioneer Whose Life Reads Like a Greek Tragedy
  48. Mary Pearcey, Murderess
  49. Mary Peck Butterworth, Colonial Counterfeiter
  50. Mary Pinchot Meyer, Painter whose Murder has Never Been Solved
  51. Mary Phagan, Her Murder Brought the Ku Klux Klan Back to Life
  52. Mary Read, Pirate
  53. Mary Rogers, Cigar Girl Whose Murder Was Never Solved
  54. Mary Rowlandson, Kidnapping Victim who Later Wrote About Her Experience
  55. Mary Seacole, Nurse During the Crimean War
  56. Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
  57. Mary Surratt, The First Woman Executed by the United States Federal Government
  58. Mary T Barra, CEO of General Motors
  59. Mary Todd Lincoln, Former First Lady of the United States
  60. Mary Toft, Convinced the General Public She Gave Birth to Rabbits
  61. Mary Vincent, Kidnap Victim Who Had Her Forearms Cut Off Before Being Left for Dead
  62. Mary von Vetsera, Baroness and the Other Half of the Mayerling Incident
  63. Mary Von Waldersee, Philanthropist & Possible Mistress of Wilhelm II
  64. Mary Whiton Calkins, The First Female President of the American Psychological Association
  65. Mary Wilde, Oscar Wilde's Half-Sister Who Died in a Freak Accident
  66. Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, Feminist Author
  67. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Author of Frankenstein
  68. Moving Robe Woman, Fought at the Battle of Little Bighorn
  69. Polly Nichols, The First of Five Women Confirmed to Have Been Killed by Jack the Ripper
  70. Te Ata Fisher, Storyteller of the Chickasaw Nation


  1. Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the first African American woman to receive a modern medical degree in the United States
  2. Rebecca Lukens, The First Female Industrialist Leader in US History
  3. Rebecca Nurse, Accused of being a Salem Witch
  4. Rebecca Peterman, Union Soldier During the War Between the States
  5. Rebecca Romijn, Actress and Model
  6. Rebecca Schaeffer,Actress who is better remembered for being murdered
  7. Rebecca Skloot, author who brought the story of Henrietta Lacks to the mainstream light

Rosa\ Rose etc:

  1. Rosa Carmichael, the witch governess of the Gettysburg Orphanage
  2. Rosalia Lombardo, Famous Child Mummy
  3. Rosalind Brewer, first female and first African American COO of Starbucks
  4. Rosalind Franklin,controversy remains over who the true discoverer of DNA was, was it her?
  5. Rosalyn Yalow, Medical Physicist
  6. Rosalynn Carter,First Lady of the United States during her husband Jimmy Carter's Term
  7. Rosana Chouteau, The First Female Chief of the Osage Beaver Band
  8. Rose Michtom, Co-Inventor of the Teddy Bear
  9. Rose Mofford, The First Female Governor of Arizona
  10. Rose O'Neal Greenhow, Confederate Spy During the War Between the States
  11. Rose Valland, the Monument's Woman
  12. Roseanna McCoy, her story is worse than Romeo and Juliet
  13. Rosemary Kennedy, her sister Eunice created the Special Olympics in her honor
  14. Roza Shanina, Soviet Sniper With 59 Confirmed Kills


  1. Ariadna Scriabina, World War II Resistance Fighter
  2. Madam CJ Walker, The First Female Self-made Millionaire in United States History
  3. Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx
  4. Sarah Anzick, Molecular Biologist
  5. Sarah Bowman, Camp Follower During the Mexican/American War
  6. Sarah Bush Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's Beloved Stepmother
  7. Private Sarah Edmonds Seelye, The Only Woman to Receive a Soldier's Pension for Her Participation During the War Between the States
  8. Sarah Lincoln Grigsby, Abraham Lincoln's Beloved Sister
  9. Sarah T Hughes, Federal Judge Who Swore in President LBJ
  10. Sarah Morgan Dawson, Author of A Confederate Girl's Diary
  11. Sarah "Sally" McCoy, Matriarch of the McCoy Faction During the Hatfield v McCoy Affair
  12. Sarah Palin, Former Governor of Alaska
  13. Sarah Parcak, Archaeologist Who Uses Satellite Technology to Great Effect
  14. Sarah Polk, Former First Lady of the United States
  15. Sarah Shelton Henry, Patrick Henry's First Wife
  16. Sarah Thomas, The First Woman to Officiate Multiple NFL Games
  17. Sarah Winchester, Folk Figure and Mastermind Behind the Winchester Mystery House
  18. Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Northern Paiute Activist


  1. Flight Lieutenant Bill Goldfinch, Organized a Famous Escape Attempt from a Nazi Prison
  2. Wilhelm Krützfeld, the New Synagogue Thanks you
  3. Willem Arondeus, Gay, resistance fighter, artist, need I say more?
  4. William Alden Smith, the US Senator who oversaw the RMS TitanicSenate Inquiry into the disaster
  5. William CarterRMS TitanicSurvivor
  6. William Cody, otherwise known as Buffalo Bill
  7. William Coutts JrRMS TitanicSurvivor
  8. William Ellison, Well there went the narrative
  9. William Moulton Marston, original creator of Wonder Woman
  10. William Petrie, Egyptologist and expert on Bog Bodies
  11. William L Rathje,his life's work was called The Garbage Project--yes really
  12. Williamina Paton Stevens Fleming, She Literally Helped "Rewrite the Stars"
  13. Willie Mallory, Protective Mother and Figure in the Fight Against Eugenics