763: Julia Drusilla the Younger

Caligula’s Daughter and Only Legitimate Child

Born: 39 CE, Rome, Roman Empire (Present-day Rome, Italy)

Died: 24 January 41 CE, Rome, Roman Empire (Present-day Rome, Italy)

Julia was named after her aunt and Caligula’s favorite sister of the same name.

Julia was assassinated alongside her parents because she was Caligula’s only legitimate heir. Caligula was murdered earlier in the day, and a few hours later, Julia’s mother, Empress Caesonia, was stabbed to death. Julia herself was killed by having her brains bashed against a wall.

After her and her mother’s death, the Romans responsible for their brutal murders set out to damnatio memoriae them or destroy any image or memory of them ever existing. They were successful as no sculptures survive of Julia or her mother to this day. According to Wikipedia, there is a surviving coin that shows Julia’s image, but the coin is not shown in the article and I was not able to find it myself, so take that with a grain of salt.

Sadly, the only easily accessible sources for Julia readily available on the internet today are a Wikipedia article and a Find a Grave article which sources, you guessed it, that same Wikipedia article earlier mentioned. Therefore, I’ve linked that Wikipedia article as well as my own source for this entry.

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