Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hopefully I can answer your questions below, if not, send me an email and I'll be sure to get back to you!

Wondering what the badges are listed beneath entries?

I came up with the idea of badges because I like categorizing things and making them more extensive than they need to be. Basically, all the badge means is that there is that much more information on that specific entry list available out there, and I'll try to list what I'm talking about in the sources section beneath each entry. So, what are the badges exactly?

Badge One: Find a Grave Marked

For those of you knew to the historical field, you may not have heard of the website Find a Grave. Well, it is exactly what it sounds like! The website is far from perfect, but it is an interesting source of information on where certain people are buried around the world. Not everyone on their website is famous, and most in fact are memorial pages for people's family members and the like, but I have created two Virtual Cemeteries for the world to see: Women From History and Hidden Historical Men. If an entry on my list has a Find a Grave profile, then I will award them the Find a Grave badge. If you spot someone having an entry and I haven't marked it, go ahead and shoot me an email and I'll be sure to update it!

Badge Two: Rejected Princess

I cannot praise the Rejected Princess series by Jason Porath enough, and if you are looking for someone new to sponsor on Patreon look him up! I discovered the Rejected Princesses when researching Mariya Oktyabrska, a Soviet Tank Commander from World War II. Jason combines Women's History, art, and a fun attitude and approach to craft something beautiful. I am not affiliated with him in any way but wanted to spread his gospel as well as my own.

Badge Three: Located in My Personal Library

This badge should be simple enough to understand. I own well over six hundred books, and so I thought duh, I might as well list if the entry in question is seen anywhere in my personal library and which book that actually is in case you wanted to do some further reading yourself.

Hope that helps!

Love, the Exasperated Historian

Am I an "Actual" Historian?

As of 2019, I do not hold any college degrees, which would make most people raise a red flag and say whatever I'm trying to teach you is false. That's why sources are a thing! I will always list the sources I used to gather the information on each of my posts so you can verify yourself. If you still have questions go ahead and shoot me an email.

Where'd you come up with all of this anyway?

Well, that's a bit of a long story. As I explain in Post #1 on my Women's List, Hypatia of Alexandria started it all, so be sure to look to her.

My history journey in general though? For that, we have to go back to Christmas 2006, when my grandfather gave me a book on RMS Titanic. Ever since, I've been fascinated by nearly all things history. My main passions are The War Between the States, World War II and the Shoah (or Holocaust), Ancient Egypt, and now Women's History.

Hopefully I'm able to teach you something! Thanks for reading.