Affiliated With the Second World War

The war that brought us Nazi Germany, Japanese War Crimes, the Shoah, the Rape of Nanking, and of course, Atomic Bombs, joy. With all of this horror though, comes the amazing, uplifting, wonderful stories you'll find below. I've separated them by which side of the war they fought on, Allied or Axis Powers, for further clarity.

And because I know it may cause some controversy, I've listed the entries based on the country they were from during the war and not necessarily which side they fought for. I don't want anyone to accuse me of thinking Hans and Sophie Scholl approved of what the Nazis were doing to their country, but they were German so...

As mentioned with our page on World War I, many people lived through both world wars, and actively participated in both, so you'll see some names appear on both lists.


Allies (Great Britain, France, United States, China, Soviet Union, and Individuals):

Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan and Individuals):