Women’s List Entries 501-1000

Entries 501 to 600:

501: Viola Davis, Academy Award Winning Actress

502: Alice Perrers, Mistress to Edward III

503: Rahat Khan, The Hockey Queen of Pakistan

504: Caroline Lacroix, Mistress of Leopold II

505: Anne Royall, The First Female Journalist to Interview a US President

506: Laurie Hernandez, Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast

507: Toni Basil, Choreographer and One Hit Wonder

508: Debbie Allen, Multi-talented Choreographer

509: Mae Capone, Al Capone's Wife

510: Emily Mather, Murder Victim and Folk Figure

511: Polly Nichols, the First of Five Women Confirmed to Have Been Murdered by Jack the Ripper

512: Gabrielle d’Estrees, Mistress of Henri IV of France

513: Katharina Schratt, Mistress of Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary

514: Joanna of Castile, Queen of Aragon and Castile

515: Kathryn Beaumont, Voice Actress and Disney Legend

516: Eleanor Audley, Actress
517: Barbara Luddy, Voice Actress and Radio Star
518: Priscilla Presley, Business Magnate and Ex-Wife of Elvis Presley
519: Alexandra of Bavaria, Slightly Eccentric Princess

520: Enriqueta Marti,Serial Killer of Children

521: Roza Shanina, Soviet Sniper with Fifty-Nine Confirmed Kills

522: Sharon Tate, Actress and Murder Victim

523: Rosalia Lombardo, Famous Child Mummy Whose Corpse Is Known to Seemingly "Blink" at Times

524: Santa Innocenia, Mexican Saint Famous For the Fact Her Corpse "Blinks" at Times

525: Mary Pearcey, Murderess

526: Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson's Secret No Longer

527: Bianca Cappello, Mistress of Francesco de Medina

528: Mary Von Waldersee, Philanthropist and Possible Mistress of Wilhelm II

529: Laverne Cox, Actress and LGBT+ Advocate

530: Dorothy Count-Scoggins, One of the First Students Brought in To Help End Segregation in Charlotte Schools

531: Evelyn McHale, Subject of LIFE Magazine's "A Beautiful Suicide" Photograph

532: Kathrine Switzer, The First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon

533: Hannah Stilley Gorby, Possibly the Oldest Woman Ever Photographed

534: Irene Drummond, Head Nurse Killed in the Bangka Island Massacre

535: Vivan (Bullwinkel) Statham, The Only Survivor of the Bangka Island Massacre

536: Linda Lovelace, Porn Star Who Went on to Become a Born-Again Christian

537: Caroline Kennedy, Diplomat and Daughter of President John F Kennedy

538: Maila Nurmi, Actress Who Brought Vampira to Life

539: Emily Wilde, Oscar Wilde's Half-Sister

540: Mary Wilde, Oscar Wilde's Half-Sister

541: Julia Agrippina, The First Empress of Rome

542: Faustina the Elder, Empress of Rome

543: Vibia Sabina, Empress of Rome

544: Empress Matilda, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire and Queen of England

545: Claudia Octavia, Empress of Rome

546: Dorothy Garrod, First Woman to Hold an Oxford Chair and Archaeologist

547: Sarah Anzick, Molecular Biologist

548: Anya Ayoung-Chee, Fashion Designer and Winner of Project Runway

549: Catherine "Kitty" Genovese, Murder Victim Whose Death Helped Create the 911 Emergency Alert System

550: Mercy Brown, Victim of Vampire Hysteria

551: Tatyana McFadden, Paralympian Who Competes in Wheelchair Racing

552: Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue

553: Marie Walewska, Mistress of Napoleon
554: Amina Ali Nkeki, The First Girl Recovered from Boko Haram after 276 Chibok Schoolgirls Were Kidnapped in 2014 (#BringBackOurGirls)

555: Monica Lewinsky, Activist and Anti-Cyber-Bullying Activist

556: Jaycee Lee Dugard, Kidnap Victim and Author

557: Lily Rose Lee, Kidnap Victim
558: Zerelda Mimms James, Jesse James's Wife
559: Alveda King, Politician, Activist, and Niece of Martin Luther King Jr

560: Khoudia Diop, Model and Activist
561: Ola Ray, Model and Actress Most Known for Appearing as Michael Jackson's Girlfriend in his "Thriller" Music Video
562: Carnie Wilson, Singer and Television Host

563: Zerelda Cole James Samuel, Jesse James's Mother

564: Kajal Singh nee Sharma, Dowry Crime Victim

565: Anokhi, Dowry Crime Victim

566: Harnaam Kaur, Guinness Book of World Record Holder for Youngest Female to Grow a Full Beard

567: Sue Ellen Cooper, Founder of the Red Hat Society

568: Ines de Castro, Mistress and Posthumously Recognized Wife of Peter I of Portugal

569: Gertrude Schulte-Tenderich Sears, Founder of Tampax

570: Rena "Rusty" Kanokogi, Pioneer and Mother of Women's Judo

571: Yekaterina Dolgorukaya, Mistress and Later Wife of Alexander II of Russia

572: Draginja Obrenovic, Queen Consort of Serbia

573: Camilla, HRH the Queen Consort

574: Hannah Snell, British Soldier and Sailor

575: George Eliot, Novelist

576: Marie-Louise O’Murphy, Youngest Known European Royal Mistress
577: Lorna Luft, Actress and Singer

578: Nancy Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's Beloved Biological Mother

579: Samantha Geimer, Accused Roman Polanski of Raping Her When She was Thirteen Years Old

580: Marina the Monk, Catholic Saint
581: Deborah Sampson Gannett, The First Known American Woman to Dress as a Man to Fight in Battle (Revolutionary War)
582: Jillian Michaels, Professional Trainer and Television Personality

583: Ulrika Eleanora Stalhammar, Swedish Soldier in the Great Roman War
584: Vivian Liberto Distin, Johnny Cash's First Wife

585: P!nk, Singer and Rebel Icon

586: Carrie Ann Inaba, Choreographer and Television Personality
587: Marilu Henner, Actress, Radio Host, Producer, Etc...

588: Greta Zimmer Friedman, the Nurse in the Famous Kiss For VJ Day Photo

589: Daisy Hilton, Conjoined Twin

590: Violet Hilton, Conjoined Twin

591: Irtyau, Scribe to Nitocris

592: Iris Burton, Talent Agent for Hollywood Child Stars

593: La Toya Jackson, Multi-talented Personality

594: Janet Jackson, Choreographer, Singer, and So Much More
595: Linnda Caporael, Proposed Ergot Poisoning as a Possible Cause for the Salem Witch Trials

596: Hedviga Golik, Her Body was Discovered Approximately Forty-Two Years After She Died...In Her Apartment
597: Jennie Wade, the Only Civilian Casualty at the Battle of Gettysburg

598: Anna Aumuller, Murdered by her Catholic Priest Husband

599: Madame DeCourcelle, the First Female Taxi Driver in Paris

600: Olive Oatman, Famous White Captive to the Native Americans

Entries 601-700:

601: Loreta Janeta Velasquez, Confederate Spy Who Masqueraded as a Man During the War Between the States

602: Yvonne Dionne, 1/5 of the First Quintuplets to Survive Birth in Recorded History

603: Annette Dionne,1/5 of the First Quintuplets to Survive Birth in Recorded History

604: Cecile Dionne,1/5 of the First Quintuplets to Survive Birth in Recorded History

605: Emilie Dionne,1/5 of the First Quintuplets to Survive Birth in Recorded History

606: Marie Dionne,1/5 of the First Quintuplets to Survive Birth in Recorded History

607: Chandra Levy, Murdered Political Intern

608: Nellie Bly, Pioneer of Investigative Journalism

609: Alice Liddell Hargreaves, The Real Alice in Wonderland

610: Billie Burke, Academy Award Winning Actress Remembered for her Portrayal of Glinda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz

611: Liu Chuyu, Chinese Princess Remembered for Her Sexual Immorality
612: Kikisoblu, Daughter of Chief Si'ahl of the Duwamish and Suquamish Tribes

613: Elaine Harmon, WASP During World War II Whose Battle to Be Buried at Arlington National Cemetery Dragged Out for a Year After her Death

614: Dr. Hawa Abdi, "One Part Mother Teresa One Part Rambo"

615: Antoinette Tuff, Stopped a School Shooter by Keeping Communication Going

616: Malala Yousafzai, Education Activist For Girls Around the World

617: Rachel Weisz, Academy Award Winning Actress
618: Clementine Churchill, Winston's Wife and a Political Firepower in Her Own Right

619: Marianne Cope, Catholic Saint Who Helped Those Stricken With Hansen's Disease

620: Clara Quintanilla, Art Restorer
621: Catherine E Davidson, Union Soldier in the Ohio 28th Infantry During the War Between the States
622: Rebecca Peterman, Union Soldier with the Wisconsin 7th Infantry During the War Between the States

623: Ida Remington, Union Solider with the 11th New York Militia During the War Between the States

624: Mary Galloway, Union Soldier Wounded at the Battle of Antietam During the War Between the States
625: Sarah Bush Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's Beloved Stepmother

626: Sarah Lincoln Grigsby, Abraham Lincoln's Beloved Elder Sister
627: Victoria Woodhull, The First Woman in United States History to Run For President

628: Colleen Stan, Kidnapped Girl Known as "The Girl in the Box"

629: Janice Hooker, Helped Colleen Stan Escape After Helping Kidnap Her in the First Place

630: Mary Vincent, Kidnap Victim Who Had Her Forearms Cut Off Before Being Left For Dead

631: Rebecca Romijn, Actress and Model
632: Liza Minnelli, Actress and Singer

633: Judy Garland, Actress and Singer

634: Saint Eulalia, Thirteen Year Old Martyr

635: Sadako Sasaki, The Real Life Inspiration Behind Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
636: Lieserl Einstein, Albert and Mileva's First Child Who Disappeared From History

637: Frances Bean Cobain, Musician and Daughter of Kurt Cobain

638: Ruth Westheimer, Sexologist Known Affectionately as Dr. Ruth

639: Aleksandra Samusenko, Soviet Tank Commander
640: Sarah Winchester, Folk Figure and Heiress of the Winchester Fortune
641: Mary Bradford Johns, Rallied Forlorn Confederate Troops During the War Between the States

642: Kellyanne Conway, Strategist and the First Woman to Lead a Successful Presidential Campaign in United States History

643: Kate Warne, the First Known Female Detective in United States History

644: Martha Borthwick Cheney, Frank Lloyd Wright's Mistress Who was Brutally Murdered

645: Rose Michtom, Co-Inventor of the Teddy Bear

646: Zona Heaster Shue, Her Spirit is the Only Known Ghost in United States History to Help Convict a Man in Court

647: Mary Mallon, aka Typhoid Mary

648: Stella Walsh, Olympic Athlete Discovered to Have Mosaicism After her Death

649: Bertha Von Suttner, Novelist & The First Woman to Be Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Her Own Right

650: Mary Lou Gulley, Phoenix Arizona's Mystery Castle Owner

651: Angela Lansbury, Academy Award Winning Actress

652: Julie Andrews, Academy Award Winning Actress

653: Gertrude Carraway, President General of the DAR Who Led the Efforts to Restore Tryon Palace

654: Frances Clayton, Union Soldier During the War Between the States for the State of Missouri

655: Hannah Anderson Ropes, War Between the States Nurse and Ardent Abolitionist

656: Louisa May Alcott, Author of Little Women

657: Emily Howland, One of the First Female Directors of a United States Mint

658: Oriana Moon Andrews, Confederate Doctor and Surgeon

659: Catherine Masto, The First Latina State Attorney General Elected in the United States (Nevada)

660: Susan Boyle, Singer and International Sensation

661: Maria Rasputin, Lion Tamer and Grigori Rasputin's Daughter

662: Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier, French Resistance Fighter and Later Politician

663: Katrina Lake, CEO of Stitch Fix

664: Chita Rivera, Dancer, Singer, and Actress

665: Stephanie Murphy, the First Vietnamese Woman Elected to United States Congress (Florida Representative)

666: Lucilla, Empress of Rome

667: Mary Boleyn, Mistress of Henry VIII and Anne's Sister

668: Faustina the Younger, Empress of Rome

669: Bessie Blount, Mistress of Henry VIII

670: Milunka Savić, Probably the Most Decorated Female Soldier in the History of Ever

671: Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Ukrainian Sniper with 309 Confirmed Kills
672: Lydia Litvyak, Soviet Air Force Pilot and the First Woman to Shoot Down an Enemy Plane During a Dogfight

673: Caresse Crosby, The First Person to File a Patent for a Modern Bra

674: Phryne, Prostitute Who was Put on Trial but was Acquitted After She Flashed Her Breasts to the Crowd

675: Veronica Franco, Poet and Courtesan

676: Hannah Duston, Kidnapped and Later Led a Revenge Plot Against Her Kidnappers in Horrific Colonial Fashion
677: Lulu White, Entrepreneur and Madam

678: Sada Abe, Novelist and Geisha With Bizarre...Interests

679:  Hattie Lewis Lawton, Pinkerton Detective Who Disappeared From History in 1862

680: Ellen Craft, Escaped Slave Who Helped Her Husband Escape as Well

681: Cora the Witch, The Figure Behind North Carolina's Cora Tree Legend
682: Stanislawa Leszczysnka, the Midwife of Auschwitz

683: Theresa May, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

684: Lynne Patton, Former Vice President of the Eric Trump Foundation

685: Marla Maples, Actress and Television Personality

686: Tiffany Trump, Model, Socialite, and Law Student

687: Ivana Trump, Author, Businesswoman, and Former Model

688: Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube

689: Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe

690: Diane Sawyer, Pioneering Television Journalist

691: Susan La Flesche Picotte, The First Female Native American to Earn a Medical Degree
692: Moana Pozzi, Pornstar and Politician Who Ran for Mayor of Rome
693: Clara Petacci, Mussolini's Mistress

694: Paris Jackson, Actress and Model

695: Gretchen Carlson, Journalist

696: Toni Palermo, All American Girls Professional Baseball League Player

697: Claire Schillace Donahoe, All American Girls Professional Baseball League Player

698: Faye Dancer, All American Girls Professional Baseball League Player

699: Dorothy Ferguson Key, All American Girls Professional Baseball League Player

700: Peggy Whitson, To Date, the Oldest Female Astronaut to Ever Go to Space

Entries 701-800:

701: Janet Wojcicki, Anthropologist and Epidemiologist

702: Joanne Winter, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Player

703: Dorothy Kamenshek, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Player

704: Constance Kent, Murderess Who Brought Confessional Privilege to the Forefront of Criminal Law

705: Selma Lagerlof, The First Woman to Be Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature

706: Yeardley Love, Lacrosse Player Whose Tragic Murder Brought Domestic Violence to National Attention
707: Bertha Parker Cody, The First Native American Woman to Work as an Archaeologist

708: Neerja Bhanot, Airline Stewardess and Model Who Saved Dozens of Passengers Aboard a Hijacked Plane

709: Famke Janssen, Actress, Screenwriter, Director, and More

710: Tina Turner, Singer and Dancer

711: Judith Barsi, Child Actress Tragically Murdered By Her Father

712: Guglielma, Preached a Feminized Christianity

713: Katherine Graham, Former President of the Washington Post

714: Shirley Chisholm, The First African American Woman to Serve in the United States House of Representatives

715: Sandra Day O'Connor, The First Woman to Serve on the United States Supreme Court

716: Octavia Minor, Widow of Marc Antony and Stepmother to Cleopatra VII's Children
717: Peg Entwistle, Actress Remembered for Committing Suicide by Jumping off the Hollywood Sign
718: Manfreda, Papess of a Feminized Christianity
719: Lela Karagianni, Leader of a Local Greek Resistance Group During World War II

720: Elisa Griensen, Fought in the Mexican Revolution

721: Sparethra, Queen Who Fought Against Cyrus the Great
722: Bertha Benz, the First Person to Drive an Automobile Long Distance

723: Yolande of Aragon, So Many Titles, so Little Room to Type

724: The Other Magpie, Crow Warrior Woman Who Fought at the Battle of the Rosebud

725: Margot Wolk, the Last Surviving Food Tester for Hitler
726: Emilie Sagee, Was Followed Throughout Her Life by a Spectral Doppelganger
727: Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

728: Senora Dona Maria Luz Corral de Villa, Pancho Villa's Wife
729: Pope Joan, Legendary Female Pope of the Catholic Church

730: Aaliyah Houghton, Singer, Dancer, and Actress

731: Anna Bågenholm, Radiologist and Former Record Holder for the Lowest Surviving Body Temperature
732: Mary Anderson, Inventor of Windshield Wipers

733: Vesna Vulovic, Record Holder For Highest Freefall Without a Parachute

734: Nadezhda Popova, Night Witch and Soviet Pilot During World War II

735: Katherine Gilnagh ManningTitanic Survivor

736: Marina Raskova, Night Witch and Soviet Pilot During World War II
737: Terra Jole, Actress Known For Living With Dwarfism

738: Angela Hutchinson Hammer, Arizona's First Female Publisher
739: Judith Exner, Reportedly one of John F Kennedy's Mistresses

740: Marie Stopes, Eugenicist, Birth Control Advocate, and Women's Suffrage Pioneer

741: Olga Hepnarova, Mass Murderer and the Last Woman Executed by Czechoslovakia

742: Al-Khansa, Best-known Female Poet in Arabic Literature

743: Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx
744: Sarah Morgan Dawson, Author of A Confederate Girl's Diary

745: Bartolina Sisa, Indigenous Woman Who Helped Lead a Rebellion Against the Spanish in Bolivia

746: Christine Collins, The Real Woman Behind the Film Changeling
747: Gregoria Apaza, Indigenous Woman Who Led an Uprising Against the Spanish in Bolivia

748: Joan Crawford, One of Hollywood's Most Famous Actresses

749: Phoolan Devi, Bandit Queen of India and Member of Parliament
750: La Malinche, Indigenous Translator Who Helped Topple the Aztecs

751: Phyllis Schlafly, Conservative Advocate

752: Susie King Taylor, the First African American Army Nurse in United States History

753: Arawelo, Somalian Queen Remembered for Castrating Male Prisoners

754: Pearl Hart, Stagecoach Robber and Bandit Queen of Arizona

755: Jezebel, Biblical Queen

756: Eleanore Dumont, Better Known as Madame Mustache
757: Etta Place, The Wife of Sundance Kid

758: Mary K Horony-Cummings, aka Big Nose Kate

759: Mary Donoho, The First Lady of the Santa Fe Trail

760: Donatella Versace, Vice-President of Versace

761: Valeria Messalina, Her Family Tree is a Whose Who of Powerful Roman Men

762: Calpurnia, Wife of Julius Caesar

763: Julia Drusilla the Younger, Caligula's Only Legitimate Child
764: Julia the Elder, The Only Child of Augustus

765: Sophia Dorothea, Royalty Definitely Isn't All Its Cracked Up to Be

766: Thomasine Cooper White, She Was Nothing Like Kathy Bate's Portrayal of Her on American Horror Story: Roanoke

767: Gloria Estefan, Grammy Award Winning Singer and Dancer

768: Anita Garibaldi, Fought in Multiple Revolutions Alongside Her Husband Giuseppe
769: Shajar al-Durr, The First Woman in Egyptian Islamic History to Become a Monarch
770: Petra Herrera, Soldadera Who Fought in the Mexican Revolution

771: Charlotte May Pierstorff Sipes, One of Many Children Sent by Mail Through the United States Postal Service

772: Josefina Guerrero, Leper and Spy During World War II

773: Mary Jo Kopechne, Teacher Better Remembered for Her Tragic Death at the Hands of Ted Kennedy

774: Ann Hodges, The Only Person Confirmed to Have Survived Being Struck & Injured by a Meteor

775: Gertrude Bell, Spy and Political Advisor Who Helped Shape Modern Iraq

776: Mary Frith, Notorious Underworld Figure and Pickpocket
777: Ella Harper, The Camel Girl

778: Grace McDaniels, Known as the "Mule Faced Woman", she had Sturge-Weber Syndrome

779: Annie Jump Cannon, Pioneering Astronomer

780: Yennenga, Mother of the Fossi People of Burkina Faso

781: Mary Fields, the First African American Woman to Work For the Star Route Mail Service

782: Kurmanjan Datka, United Kyrgyzstan as a Country

783: Vivienne NearingTwenty-One Player Later Convicted of Perjury

784: Margaret Abbott, The First Woman to Win Gold at the Modern Olympics

785: Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi, Competed in the 2012 Summer Olympic Rifle Events While Eight Months Pregnant

786: Mary Higby Schweitzer, Paleontologist Who Discovered Blood Vessels Inside a 68 Million Year Old T-Rex Fossil

787: Serena Shim, Journalist Whose Suspicious Death Has Never Been Properly Investigated

788: Sybil Ludington, The Real Midnight Rider of the American Revolution
789: Te Puea Herangi, Maori Leader and Advocate

790: Khutulun, Great-Great-Granddaughter of Genghis Khan and Wrestler

791: Nitocris, Last Egyptian Pharaoh of the 6th Dynasty (Possibly a Legend)
792: Gouyen, Mescalero Apache With a Vendetta Against the Comanche

793: Taytu Betul, Founder of Addis Ababa
794: Kate Shelley, The First Woman in the United States to Have a Bridge Named After Her

795: Carol Greider, Nobel Prize Winning Molecular Biologist

796: Tu Youyou, Nobel Prize Winning Pharmaceutical Chemist
797: Mary Anna Custis Lee, Robert E Lee's Wife and Step-Great-Granddaughter of George Washington

798: Catherine Gonsalvus, The Real Beauty Who Married a "Beast"

799: Antonietta Gonsalvus, Daughter of Beauty and the Beast Who Lived With Hypertrichosis
800: Jeanne Boulet, Victim of the Beast of Gevauden

Entries 801-900:

801: Cindy Crawford, One of the World's First Supermodels

802: Myrtle Corbin, Born a Dipygus--Meaning She Had Two Separate Pelvises Side by Side

803: Micaela Almonester, Real Estate Developer With the Worst Father-in-Law Ever

804: Alice Doherty, The Minnesota Woolly Girl--The Only Known Person Born in the United States to Have Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa

805: Isabel Godin des Odonais, Survived Trekking Through the Amazonian Wilderness Alone For Eight Days
806: Freydis Eiriksdottir, The Pregnant Viking Warrior (Possible Legend)
807: Lucia Zarate, The World's Smallest Woman
808: Rebecca Lukens, Owner and Manager of the Brandywine Iron Works
809: Julia Gnuse, The Most Tattooed Lady in the World at the Time of Her Death

810: Jyoti Amge, The Shortest Woman in the World Today

811: Cathie Jung, Holds the Guinness Book World Record For Smallest Waist

812: Mekatilili wa Menza, Kenyan Leader Who Revolted Against the Colonial British
813: Manuela Saenz, South American Revolutionary and Suffragette

814: Mai Bhago, Sikh Saint Who Fought Off the Mughal Empire
815: Naziq al-Abid, Syrian Revolutionary and Suffragette
816:  Noor Inayat Khan, Radio Operator and Spy in Occupied France During World War II

817: Catalina de Erauso, The Lieutenant Nun

818: Onake Obavva, Fought Off Her Enemies With a Large Wooden Stick
819: Charlotte Badger, The First Australian Female Pirate
820: Hester Stanhope, Part of the First Modern Excavation of the Holy Land

821: Frances Burney, Satirical Novelist Who Had a Double Mastectomy With No Anesthesia

822: Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, The Only Woman in United States History to Be Awarded the Medal of Honor

823: Dr. Oluwo Adedunmola, Finished Medical School While Running Four Businesses
824: Emma Morano, Was the Oldest Living Person in the World at the Time of Her Death in 2017

825: Osh-Tisch, Crow Bade Warrior Who Fought at the Battle of the Rosebud

826: Teuta of Illyria, Queen Regent of the Ardiaei Tribe and a Naval Threat to Rome

827: Rani Rudrama Devi, Queen During India's Kakatiya Dynasty
828: Jeanne Louise Calment, The Longest Living Confirmed Person in World History
829: Maggie Lena Walker, The First Woman to Charter a United States Bank
830: Alice Paul, Strategist and Women's Suffrage Advocate In the United States

831: Mary McLeod Bethune, Civil Rights Advocate Who Opened an All-Black School in Daytona Beach

832: Sarah Polk, Former First Lady of the United States

833: Edith Wilson, Former First Lady and First Acting Female President in United States History

834: Patsy Mink, First Asian American and First Woman of Color Elected to United States Congress

835: Eva Mozes Kor, One of the Many Twins Experimented On by the Angel of Death During the Shoah

836: Te Ata Fisher, Storyteller of the Chickasaw Nation

837: Annie Fox, The First Female Recipient of the Combat Purple Heart in United States History

838: Gruoch ingen Boite, the First Named Queen in Scottish History

839: Frances Perkins, the First Woman to Serve in a United States Cabinet

840: Constance Baker Motley, The First African American Woman to Be Appointed to a Federal Judiciary in the United States

841: Grace Sherwood, The Last Woman Found Guilty of Witchcraft in Virginia

842: Eva Peron, Former First Lady of Argentina, "Evita"

843: Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of England
844: Charlotta Bass, Newspaper Publisher and Politician

845: Esther Hobart Morris, First Female Justice of the Peace in United States History

846: Bobbie Arnstein, Hugh Hefner's Personal Assistant

847: Christie Hefner, Former CEO of Playboy

848: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Social Reformer and Leader in the United States Suffrage Movement

849: Opha Johnson, the First Woman to Enlist in the United States Marine Corps

850: Gisella Perl, Gynecologist & Abortion Provider at Auschwitz

851: Wilma Mankiller, The First Female Chief of the Cherokee Nation

852: Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England and Pivotal Figure in the Wars of the Roses
853: Soraya Tarzi, Queen Consort of Afghanistan and Advocate For Her Female Subjects

854: Mary Ellen Pleasant, Entrepreneur Who Listed Her Job as "Capitalist By Profession" on the Census

855: Dora Dufran, One of the Most Successful Madams in Deadwood History

856: Elizabeth "Libby" Thompson, AKA Squirrel Tooth Alice
857: Mary Ann Conklin, AKA Mother Damnable
858: Josephine "Chicago Joe" Hensley, Influential Landowner from Helena

859: Roger Arliner Young, the First African American Woman to Earn a PhD in Zoology
860: Harriet Taylor Upton, The First Female Vice-Chairman of the National Republican Executive Committee

861: Ah Toy, The First Chinese Prostitute in San Francisco

862: Catherine Farrell Adler, The First Female Marine to Serve in Arlington National Cemetery's Marine Corps Honor Guard

863: Cathay Williams, The First African American Woman to Enlist in the United States Army

864: Margaret, Maid of Norway, Scotland's First Queen Regnant

865: Mamie Fossett, Deputy Marshal in the Indian Territory

866: Laura Bullion, Outlaw of the Old West

867: Bridget "Biddy" Mason, Real Estate Entrepreneur Who Opened the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles
868: Lottie Deno, Known For Her Prolific Poker Hand

869: Doc Susie Anderson, One of the First Female Doctors in Colorado

870: Delia Haskett Rawson, The First (And Possibly Youngest) Female Stagecoach Driver in United States History

871: Angelina Eberly, Hero of the Texas Archive War

872: Sarah "Great Western" Bowman, Camp Follower During the Mexican/American War

873: Margaret Heffernan Borland, One of the First Female Cattle Drivers in the United States

874: Anne Neville, Queen Consort of England

875: Margaret Pole, Once a Traitor Now a Martyr

876: Annie Moore Schayer, The First Immigrant to Be Processed Through Ellis Island
877: Christine Granville, World War II Spy

878: Asia Ramazan Antar, Kurdish Fighter With the YPJ Battling the Islamic State

879: Clara de la Rocha, Colonel in the Mexican Revolution
880: Isabella Hagner James, the First Person Ever Hired by a First Lady of the United States

881: Margaret Ann Bulkley, One of The First European Doctors to Perform a Successful C-Section

882: Dorothy Vaughan, Hidden Figure and FORTRAN Programmer
883: Mary Jackson, Hidden Figure and the First Female African American Engineer to be Hired by NASA

884: Fannie Farmer, Taught the Importance of Exact Measurements While Cooking

885: Martha Matilda Harper, Entrepreneur Who is Credited With Creating the First Formal Franchising Business in the United States

886: Margaret Rudkin, Founder of Pepperidge Farm

887: Atefeh Sahaaleh, Rape Victim Murdered at the Age of Sixteen After Being Sentenced to Death by Iran
888: Nancy Wake, The Most Decorated Servicewoman from World War II, aka The White Mouse

889: Yaa Asantewaa, Led Soldiers During the War of the Golden Stool

890: Mary Seacole, Nurse During the Crimean War Who Was Known as the "Black Nightingale"
891: Iva Toguri D’Aquino, AKA Tokyo Rose
892: Olga Erteszek, The Queen of Ladies' Lingerie

893: Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, The First Lady of Nigeria

894: Freddie Dekker-Oversteegen, Dutch Resistance Fighter During World War II
895: Carrie Crawford Smith, Opened an Employment Agency for Women and Minorities

896: Amanirenas, Queen of Kush

897: Virginia Hall Goillot, World War II Spy Who Kicked Ass Despite Having a Wooden Leg Named Cuthbert

898: Grace Coolidge, Former First Lady of the United States
899: Sarah Shelton Henry, Patrick Henry's First Wife and Victim of Mental Health

900: Lillian E Fishburne, The First African American Woman to Hold the Position of Rear Admiral in the United States Navy

Entries 901-1000:

901: Edmonia Lewis, The First African American To Gain Fame as a Sculptor

902: Gina Haspel, Director of the CIA

903: Catherine of Valois, Queen Consort of England

904: Dr. Olivia Hooker, The First African American Woman to Enlist in the United States Coast Guard

905: Emilie Schindler, Oskar's Wife and Savior of Those on His Famed "List"

906: Capt Dorothy Stratton, Commanding Officer of the Women's Reserve of the US Coast Guard

907: Mildred Fish-Harnack, the Only American Woman Executed by the Germans During World War II

908: Candalyn Kubeck, One of the First Female Commercial Airline Pilots

909: Lady Jane Franklin, Sponsor of Several Arctic Expeditions to Try and Find Her Husband

910: Annis Stockton, One of the First Women to be Published in the American Colonies
911: Lady Trieu, Vietnamese Warrior Who Fought Off the Chinese

912: Katharine Wright Haskell, Sister of Orville and Wilbur

913: Lana Peters, The Little Princess of the Kremlin who Defected From the USSR and the US

914: Erika Szeles, Hungarian Teenage Soldier Who Died in the Revolution

915: Meresankh III, Granddaughter of Pharaoh Khufu and Wife of Pharaoh Khafre

916: Ona Judge Staines, Escaped Martha Washington's Custody by Walking Out the Door to Freedom

917: Augusta Chiwy, Volunteer Nurse During the Battle of the Bulge
918: Mary Barrett Dyer, Converted Quaker Who was Hung in Massachusetts Bay Colony

919: Claudette Colvin, Refused To Give Up Her Bus Seat Nine Months Before Rose Parks

920: Joanna Palani, Danish Woman Who Fought Against the Islamic State and was Imprisoned by Denmark For It

921: Qandeel Baloch, Model and Women's Rights Activist Murdered by Her Family in a So-Called "Honor-Killing"

922: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Activist Who Fights Against "The Cut" Otherwise Known as Female Genital Mutilation

923: Christina Hoff Sommers, Philosophy Professor Known For Her Critiques of Modern Feminism

924: Elizabeth Keckley, Former Slave & Personal Seamstress to Mary Todd Lincoln in the White House

925: Myra Bradwell, The First Licensed Female Lawyer in Illinois

926: Imelda Marcos, Former First Lady of the Philippines

927: Geli Raubal, Hitler's Half-Niece and Longtime Girlfriend

928: Melanie Gaydos, Model Born With Ectodermal Dysplasia

929: Berta Soler, Leader of the Cuban Ladies in White, a Pacifist Group Who Advocates for Further Freedoms Under the Communist Regime

930: Asia Bibi, Christian Woman Sentenced to Death by the Pakistani Courts--She Finally Made it to Freedom in 2019
931: Seraph Young Ford, The First Woman to Cast a Ballot in a United States Election

932: Mayar Mohamed Moussa, Died During a Botched Female Genital Mutilation When She was Seventeen (in 2016!)

933: Misty Copeland, The First African American Woman to be Hired by a Major Principal Ballet Company in the United States
934: Sarah Thomas, the First Woman to Officiate a College Football Bowl Game

935: Clara Harris Rathbone, The Other Victim in the Presidential Box

936: Inez Milholland, The Suffragist who Campaigned Herself to Death

937: Alice Bullis Ayler, One of the Last Three Children to Ride an Orphan Train

938: Fereshteh Forough, Founder and CEO of Code to Inspire

939: Elisabeth of Austria, Empress of Austria

940: Elizabeth Jennings Graham, She Did it 100 Years Before Rosa Parks

941: Irene Morgan Kirkaldy, Was Kicked Off a Bus Eleven Years Before Rosa Parks

942: Tatyana Baramzina, Soviet World War II Sniper With Thirty-Six Confirmed Kills

943: Penelope Barker, Organizer of the First Women's Political Demonstration in the United States

944: Anne Sheafe Miller, First Person to be Saved by Penicillin

945: Jane Dieulafoy, Crossdressing Archaeologist

946: Natacha Rambova, Film and Costume Set Designer in Early Hollywood

947: Nellie Neal Lawing, also known as Alaska Nellie
948: Etta Schureman Jones, World War II POW and Teacher for Native Children in Alaska

949: Anfesia Shapsnikoff, Aleut Leader and Educator

950: Mother Fidelia McMahon, Helped Expand and Innovate Arizona's First Hospital

951: Toby Riddle, Translator During the Modoc War

952: Tye Leung Schulze, The First Chinese American Woman to Vote in United States History

953: Donaldina Cameron, The Angry Angel of Chinatown

954: Clara Brown, Former Slave Who Helped Settle Colorado

955: Louise Siuwheem Polotkin, Apostle to Her People, the Coeur D'Alene

956: Kittie Wilkins, The Horse Queen of Idaho

957: Ella Deloria, Yankton Sioux Ethnographer, Anthropologist, and Linguist

958: Peggy Hull, The First Female War Correspondent Accredited By the United States War Department

959: Alice Berry Graham, Co-Created Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City

960: Katharine Berry Richardson, Co-Created a Children's Hospital in Kansas City

961: Rose Cleveland, Acting Former First Lady of the United States of America

962: Rose Cecil O'Neill, The First Published Female Cartoonist in the United States

963: Nell Donnelly Reed, Founder of Nelly Don

964: Maria Halpin Hunt, Her Life was Destroyed by a US President, and Yet No One Knows Her Name
965: Andra Rush, Founder of Rush Trucking

966: Fannie Sperry Steele, Bronc Rider and Rodeo Performer

967: Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Northern Paiute Activist and the First Native American Woman Known to Have Secured a Copyright on Her Book
968: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Opened the First English Language Kindergarten in the United States
969: Eliza Cook, Women's Suffrage Activist, Author, and Education Advocate

970: Maude Frazier, First Female Lieutenant Governor of Nevada
971: Mary Colter, Architect in the Southwestern United States

972: Adelina Otero-Warren, Suffrage Activist, Politician and Education Advocate

973: Kate Barnard, The First Female Elected State Official From Oklahoma
974: Rachel Caroline Eaton, The First Native American Woman from Oklahoma to Earn a PhD
975: Dorothy K Barrack Pressler Morgan, The Second Female Pilot from Oklahoma

976: Lucille Mulhall, The First Woman Credited With the Description of "Cowgirl"

977: Abigail Scott Duniway, Suffragist in the Pacific Northwest

978: Lola Greene Baldwin, The First Female Police Officer in the United States
979: Leonor Villegas de Magnon, Founder of La Cruz Blanca

980: Bessie Coleman, The First Female African American & Native American to receive a Pilot’s License

981: Reva Beck Bosone, The First Woman Elected to United States Congress From the State of Utah

982: Juanita Brooks, Uncovered the Truth Behind the Mountain Meadows Massacre

983: Thea Christiansen Foss, Founder of Foss Maritime, The Largest Maritime Tugboat in the Western United States

984: Meketaten, Daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti

985: Neferneferure, Daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti

986: Setepenre, Daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti

987: Neferneferuaten Tasherit, Daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti

988: Baroness Frederika von Riedesel, Traveled With Her Husband During the Saratoga Campaign of the American Revolution

989: Hetepheres I, Queen Mother of Pharaoh Khufu

990: Mary Page Handy, Arizona Pioneer Whose Life Reads Like a Greek Tragedy

991: Bette Nesmith Graham, Inventor of Liquid Paper

992: Ruth Law Oliver, Pioneering Aviatrix

993: Joice Heth, PT Barnum's First Human Display

994: Yaoya Oshichi, Burned at the Stake For Trying to Commit Arson

995: Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd, The Mistress of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

996: Maharani Raj Rajeshwari Devi, Queen Regent of Nepal

997: Roopkuvarba Kanwar, The Last Woman Believed to Have Commited Sati in India

998: Florence Owens Thompson, Subject of the Migrant Mother Photograph

999: Alexandra Scott, Founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand

1000: Claressa Shields, Middleweight Boxer and Olympian