The Shoah (Holocaust) Survivors and Saviors

The Shoah, or Holocaust, as its more commonly known, lasted over a decade and claimed the lives of millions of people: Jews, Roma, the LGBT+ Community, Disabled Peoples, Poles, and So Many More. By Remembering Their Stories, and the Stories of Those Who Survived, or Sought Vengeance For Those Who Didn't, We Ensure that it never happens again and that their stories will never be forgotten. Below you will find a fraction of those stories, each one powerful. A select few of these stories come from people who were born after the Shoah came to an end, and I have marked them with this sign **.

In schools today, we're lucky if we're taught anything at all about the Shoah. Usually all the lesson entails is something along the lines of "Millions died, and Hitler was involved." Remembering history this way does a disservice to not just the people involved, but the lessons we can learn from them. Here are some of the stories of those who survived or helped others survive and thrive.