Women’s Entries 1001-1500

Entries: 1001-1100:

1001: Darlene Cates, Actress

1002: Camille Claudel, Sculptor and Graphic Artist

1003: Turhan Hatice Sultan, Regent of the Ottoman Empire

1004: Frances Griffiths, Subject of the Cottingley Fairies Photographs

1005: Megan Leavey, Former Corporal in a K-9 Marine Unit

1006: Susanna Salter, The First Female Elected Mayor in United States History

1007: Kiya, One of the Wives of Pharaoh Akhenaten

1008: Rania al-Abdullah, Queen Consort of Jordan

1009: Jeanne Hebuterne, Artist, Model, and Common-law Wife of Amedeo Modigliani

1010: Isadora Duncan, The Mother of Modern Dance

1011: Clare Hollingworth, Journalist Who Broke the News that World War II Had Begun

1012: Janet Parker, Medical Photographer and the Last Known Death from Smallpox

1013: Sarah T Hughes, Lawyer and Judge Who Swore in President Lyndon B Johnson After the Assassination of President Kennedy

1014: Moving Robe Woman, Helped Defeat Custer at Little Bighorn

1015: Catherine O'Leary, Her Life was Ruined When People Spread the Rumor She Started the Great Chicago Fire

1016: Empress Dowager Cixi, The Second Most Powerful Empress in China's History

1017: Sheila Abdus-Salaam, The First African American Woman to Serve on New York's Highest Court

1018: Nakano Takeko, Samurai Who Led Other Female Samurai Into Battle

1019: Sophie Scholl, Activist and Member of the White Rose Resistance Movement

1020: Sumiko Iwamuro, Japan's Grandma DJ

1021: Williamina Paton Stevens Fleming, She Literally Helped "Rewrite the Stars"

1022: Henrietta Swan Leavitt, Pioneering Astronomer

1023: Margaret Harwood, The First Director of the Maria Mitchell Observatory

1024: Agnes Howard, The Step-Grandmother of Two Future Queens of England

1025: Tawosret, Final Pharaoh of Egypt's Nineteenth Dynasty

1026: Tiye, Incredibly Powerful Egyptian Queen from the Eighteenth Dynasty

1027: Patria Mirabal, One of the Rebel Leaders Who Fought Against a Dominican Dictator

1028: Minerva Mirabal, One of the Rebel Leaders Who Fought Against a Dominican Dictator

1029: Dede Mirabal, One of the Rebel Leaders Who Fought Against a Dominican Dictator

1030: Maria Teresa Mirabal, One of the Rebel Leaders Who Fought Against a Dominican Dictator

1031: Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire

1032: Isabella of France, Queen of England

1033: Naia, The 13,000 Year Old Skeleton

1034: Dorothy Fosdick, Foreign Policy Expert

1035: Mary Golda Ross, The First Female Native American Engineer

1036: Alice Coachman, The First African American Woman to Earn an Olympic Gold Medal

1037: Giulia Tofana, One of the Most Prolific Professional Poisoners of All Time
1038: Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Creator of the Special Olympics

1039: Babe Didrikson Zaharias, One of the Greatest Athletes of All Time

1040: Melissa Lora, Former President of Taco Bell International

1041: Elizabeth Rawdon, The First Person to Undertake a Scientific Study of a Bog Body

1042: Elizabeth Hart Jarvis Colt, The Woman Who Oversaw Some of Colt Firearms Most Prosperous Years

1043: Edith Garrud, One of the First Female Martial Arts Instructors in the Western World
1044: Melba Roy Mouton, Assistant Chief of Research Programs at NASA

1045: Mary Pinchot Meyer, Painter Whose Mysterious Death Has Never Been Solved

1046: Elizabeth Fleischman-Aschheim, X-Ray Pioneer Who Died For Her Work

1047: Alice Ramsey, The First Woman to Drive a Car Across the Continental United States
1048: Sappho, Famed Greek Poet

1049: Eileen Nearne, SOE Agent During World War II
1050: Odette Sansom Hallowes, SOE Spy During World War II

1051: Andree Raymonde Borrel, The First Female SOE Agent to be Parachuted Into Occupied France During World War II
1052: Ariadna Scriabina, Co-Founder of the Armee Juive; Resistance Fighter

1053: Florence Finch, Spy For the Rebel Leaders Left Behind in the Philippines During World War II
1054: Sutematsu Oyama, The First Japanese Woman to Attend a Western College

1055: Bettany Hughes, Award Winning Documentarian and Historian

1056: Margaret Corbin, The First American Woman to Receive a Military Pension, Revolutionary War Veteran

1057: Hannah White Arnett, Revolutionary War Patriot
1058: Nancy Hart, Revolutionary War Veteran Who Made it Her Personal Mission to Rid Georgia of the Tories
1059: Emily Geiger, Revolutionary War Volunteer who Delivered a Message Despite the Dangers

1060: Betty Zane, Revolutionary War Heroine Who Used Her Apron to Transport Gunpowder

1061: Marie Marvingt, Pioneering Aviatrix and Athlete
1062: Chandro Tomar, The Oldest Female Sharpshooter
1063: Elizabeth Bacon Custer, Author, Public Speaker, and Widow of George Armstrong Custer
1064: Jessie Fremont, Author, Political Activist, and Wife of John C Fremont

1065: Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan's First Female Prime Minister
1066: Mary Bankes, Defended a Castle For Three Years During the English Civil War

1067: Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016 and Army Reserve Logistics Commander

1068: Berenice III, Queen Regnant of Egypt

1069: Kara McCullough, Miss USA 2017 and Physical Scientist
1070: Truganini, The Last Full Blooded Aboriginal Tasmanian
1071: Maria Gaetana Agnesi, Pioneering Calculus Mathematician
1072: Caroline Crachami, The Sicilian Fairy

1073: Lya Graf, Immortalized in an Iconic Photo Sitting on JP Morgan's Lap

1074: Dina Gottliebova Babbitt, Shoah Survivor Who Battled for Years to Earn Her Portraits Back from the Auschwitz Museum

1075: Agnes Randolph, Also Known as Black Agnes, Heroine of Scotland

1076: Amy Robsart Dudley, First Wife of Sir Robert Dudley, Her Suspicious Death Has Often Left the Finger Pointed to Queen Elizabeth I
1077: George Sand, Androgynous Literary Icon

1078: Toregene Khatun, Ruler of the Mongol Empire and Daughter-in-Law of Genghis Khan

1079: Kosem Sultan, Regent of the Ottoman Empire
1080: Olympias, Mother of Alexander the Great and Powerful Royal Figure

1081: Juliane Koepcke, The Only Survivor of LANSA Flight 508
1082: Jennie Bauters, Jerome, Arizona's Most Notorious Madam
1083: Rhoda Abbott, The Only Female Titanic Survivor to Have Been Pulled From the Water
1084: Anna Kingsley, From Princess to Slave to Overseer of a Plantation

1085: Helen Purviance, Salvation Army Ensign Who Handed Out Many Doughnuts During World War I

1086: Amy Elizabeth Thorpe, World War II Spy Who Used Her Sexuality To Get Information
1087: Marie Equi, Medical Doctor and Birth Control Information Provider
1088: Irene Triplett, The Last Surviving Recipient of a War Between the States Pension

1089: Helen Longstreet, The First Woman to Serve as Georgia's Assistant State Librarian, Widow of General James Longstreet

1090: Ahhotep I, Powerful Egyptian Queen of the 17th Dynasty

1091: Tetisheri, Mother of the New Kingdom in Ancient Egypt
1092: Ahmose-Nefertari, Powerful Egyptian Queen and the First To Hold the Title of "God's Wife of Amun"

1093: Mercy Otis Warren, Political Propagandist and Ardent Patriot During the Revolutionary War

1094: Charity Edna Adams Earley, The First African American Woman to Become an Officer in the WAC

1095: Amanda Foreman, Documentarian, Historian, and Author

1096: Joan B Lee, Hat Model, Actress, and the Beloved Wife of Stan Lee
1097: Simone Veil, Shoah Survivor Turned Political Icon in France

1098: Aloisia Veit, Hitler's Distant Cousin and One of the Many Victims if the Nazi Euthanasia Program

1099: Fanya Kaplan, Attempted to Assassinate Vladimir Lenin

1100: Mandukhai Khatun, Empress of the Northern Yuan Dynasty

Entries 1101-1200:

1101: Maria Montessori, Creator of the Montessori Learning Technique

1102: Aung San Suu Kyi, Former State Counsellor of Myanmar
1103: Ban Zhao, The First Known Female Chinese Historian

1104: Mirhimah Sultan, Daughter of Suleiman the Magnificent and Hurrem, Making Her the Most Powerful Ottoman Princess Ever

1105: Folorunshu Alakija, Wealthiest Nigerian Woman in the World

1006: Beatrice Shilling, Aeronautical Engineer and Inventor of Miss Shilling's Orifice
1107: Charlotte Woodward Pierce, The Only Woman Present at the Seneca Falls Convention Still Alive At the Passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

1108: Petronilla de Meath, The First Irish Woman Condemned & Burned at the Stake for Witchcraft

1109: Alice Kyteler, The First Person Condemned For Witchcraft in Ireland, She Barely Escaped Being Burnt at the Stake

1110: Abella of Salerno, Employed at the Medical School at Salerno, Now Believed to be the Oldest Medical School of Modern Times

1111: Magistra Hersend, One of Louis IX's Surgeons During the Seventh Crusade

1112: Hortensia, Famed Roman Orator

1113: Isabel de Guevara, One of the Few Women Who Took Up the Spanish Crown's Offer to Colonize the New World

1114: Isabella Bird Bishop, The First Woman to Be Elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
1115: Jadwiga of Poland, The First Female Monarch of the Kingdom of Poland

1116: Ka’ahumanu, Powerful Queen of Hawai'i

1117: Khuwyt, One of the Earliest Known Female Musicians (12th Dynasty Egypt)

1118: Laura Bassi, The First Woman to Have a Fully-Fledged Scientific Career

1119: Lavinia Fontana, The First Known Female Artist to Work Outside of a Court or Convent

1120: Margaret Brent, The First Woman of the North American Colonies to Appear Before a Court of Common Law

1121: Maria Bartola, The First Historian of Mexico

1122: Marie Aioe Dorion, The Second Woman to Trek Across the United States After Sacagawea

1123: Merneith, One of the Earliest Known Queens in World History

1124: Mary Musgrove, Translator Between the White Colonists and the Muscogee During the Settling of Georgia

1125: Mary Curzon, Vicereine of India

1126: Nancy Ward, The Last Beloved Woman of the Cherokee

1127: Weetamoo, Sunksqua of the Pocasset Wampanoag Nation

1128: Xochitl, Possible Legend and Queen of the Toltec Empire

1129: Princess Tarakanova, Pretender to the Russian Throne

1130: Pompeia Plotina, Empress of Rome

1131: Prudence Crandall, Abolitionist and Educator of Young African American Girls
1132: Puduhepa, Hittite Queen Who Helped Facilitate the Oldest Peace Treaty Known in History

1133: Rosana Chouteau, First Woman Elected Chief of the Osage Beaver Band

1134: Puabi, Her Tomb Contained More Wealth and Opulence Than Any Other From Ur

1135: Sophia Hayden, The First Female Graduate of MIT's Architectural Program

1136: Sophie Blanchard, The First Professional Female Balloonist

1137: Theodora III of Byzantium, Reigned On the Byzantine Throne Two Separate Times

1138: Zoe Porphyrogenita, Empress of the Byzantine Empire

1139: Aglaonice, The First Female Astronomer in Ancient Greece

1140: Agnes Waterhouse, The First Woman Executed For Witchcraft in England

1141: Alessandra Giliani, First Known Female Practitioner of Anatomy and Physiology

1142: Mary Katharine Goddard, Postmaster General of the Baltimore Post Office & The Second Person to Print Copies of the Declaration of Independence in the United States

1143: Alexandra of Jerusalem, One of Two Women to Ever Rule Judaea

1144: Angelberga, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire

1145: Anne Askew, Protestant Martyr

1146: Anne Bradstreet, The First English Poet to be Printed in the Colonies

1147: Anna Ella Carroll, The First Unofficial Female Member of a US Cabinet

1148: Agustina de Aragon, Defender of Spain During the Spanish War for Indepdendence
1149: Awashonks, Sunksqua of the Sakonnet Tribe

1150: Hannah Adams, The First Woman to Work as a Professional Writer in the United States

1151: Hannah Szenes, Poet and SOE Agent During World War II

1152: Gabrielle Petit, British Spy Executed by the Germans During World War I
1153: Epicharis, Roman Freedwoman Who Killed Herself Rather Than Being Executed After Attempting to Assassinate Nero

1154: Elisabetta Sirani, One of the Most Famous Artists in Early Modern Bologna

1155: Ehyophsta, Cheyenne Warrior Who Fought in the Battle of Beecher Island

1156: Cynisca, Spartan Princess and the First Woman in History to Win at the Olympic Games

1157: Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes (Celtic Tribe)

1158: Bettisia Gozzadini, First Woman in History Known to Have Taught at a University

1159: Martine Bertereau, Mining Engineer and Mineralogist
1160: Jane Dickenson, Indentured Servant and Captive of the Pamunkey Tribe

1161: Mary Rowlandson, Taken Captive With Three of her Children by the Wampanoag During King Philip's War

1162: Frances Culpeper Stephens Berkeley Ludwell, Wife of Three Different Colonial Governors

1163: Bessie Stringfield, The First African American Woman to Ride a Motorcycle Across the Continental United States

1164: Elizabeth "Baby Doe" Tabor, The Silver Queen of Colorado

1165: Urraca of Zamora, Daughter of Ferdinand the Great

1166: Ethel Robertson Macia, One of the First Women Employed at the Cochise County Courthouse

1167: Nellie Tayloe Ross, The First Female Governor to Serve in the United States (Wyoming)

1168: Rachel Washburn, Gave Up Being a Philadelphia Cheerleader to Join the US Army

1169: Hessy Levinsons Taft, The Nazis Used Her Likeness to Showcase the "Perfect Aryan Baby" Despite the Fact She's Jewish
1170: Dr. Ruth Pfau, Nun and Medical Missionary Who Helped the Lepers in Pakistan

1171: Sammu-Ramat, Empress Regnant of Assyria

1172: Alice Guy Blache, The First Writer and Director of Narrative Fiction Films

1173: Frances Marion, The First Person to Win Two Academy Awards for Writing

1174: Mae West, One of the First "Sex Symbols" in Film

1175: Anna May Wong, The First Chinese American Film Actress

1176: Olivia de Havilland, Actress Whose Landmark Case Against Warner Brothers Created Much Fairer Contractual Obligations for Actors
1177: Sacheen Littlefeather, Actress and Advocate for Native Americans

1178: Huda Sharawi, Founder of the Egyptian Feminist Union

1179: Ani Pachen, Nun and Tibetan Freedom Fighter Who was Tortured and Imprisoned for Twenty-one Years

1180: Hoelun, Mother of Genghis Khan

1181: Fatima al-Fihriya, founded the University of Al Quaraouiyine in 859 CE

1182: Estelle Reel, The First Woman Elected to Statewide Office in Wyoming

1183: Arachidamia, Badass Spartan Queen

1184: Laura Eisenhuth, The First Woman to Win an Election For State Office in the United States

1185: Arsinoe II Philadelphus, Queen of Thrace, Asia Minor, and Macedonia

1186: Cleopatra Thea, Empress of the Seleucid Empire and Syria
1187: Phile of Priene, The First Woman Elected as Magistrate in Priene

1188: Erinna of Telos, Early Greek Poet

1189: Hipparchia of Maroneia, Greek Philosopher

1190: Carol McCain, Former Director of the White House Visitor's Office

1191: Claire Phillips, Spy in Occupied Manila During World War II
1192: Anna Goldi, The Last Person to be Executed for Witchcraft in Europe

1193: Jeannie Rousseau, World War II Spy and Part of the Druids Network

1194: Charlotte Parkhurst, Lived as a Man for Thirty Years as a Stagecoach Driver
1195: Zelia Nuttall, One of the First and Most Important Mexican Archaeologists

1196: Jane Sharp, Wrote the First Book on Midwifery in the English Language
1197: Elizabeth Freeman, The First African American Woman to File and Win a Suit for Freedom in Massachusetts
1198: Idawalley Zorada Lewis, Lighthouse Keeper Who Saved Several People From Drowning in Different Incidents
1199: Susette la Flesche, Lecturer, Interpreter, Artist, and Spokesperson for Native American Rights

1200: Zina D H Young, Third Generational President of the Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints

Entries 1201-1300:

1201: Hannah Callowhill Penn, The First Governor of the Colony of Pennsylvania (In All but Title)

1202: Sister Cathy Cesnik, Murdered Nun Whose Case was Never Solved

1203: Brenda Hale, the First Female Leader of the United Kingdom's Supreme Court

1204: Sophie Morigeau, The One Eyed Frontierswoman Who Amputated Her Own Rib

1205: Lori Piestawa, The First Native American Woman to Die in Combat Fighting in a Foreign War
1206: Elizabeth Thorn, She Dug Graves For the Soldiers At Gettysburg While Six Months Pregnant
1207: Jigonhsasee, Co-Founder of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy
1208: Ann Eliza Webb Young, The Only of Brigham Young's Fifty-Six Wives to Divorce Him
1209: Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Abolitionist, Temperance Movement, and Suffrage Leader

1210: Harriet Kezia Hunt, The First Woman to Apply to Harvard's Medical School
1211: Irna Phillips, The Queen of the Soaps

1212: Anna Mary Robertson Moses, aka Grandma Moses the Folk Artist

1213: Roza Robota, One of the Last Four People to Be Publicly Executed in Auschwitz

1214: Willa Beatrice Brown, The First African American Woman Earn a Commercial Pilot's License

1215: Cornelia Fort, Flight Instructor and the First of the Women's Auxiliary Ferry Service to Be Killed in Service to Her Country

1216: Naomi Parker Fraley, The Real Rosie the Riveter

1217: Hetpet, Priestess of Hathor

1218: Sarla Thakral, The First Indian Woman to Fly an Aircraft
1219: Jeannette Piccard, The First Woman to Reach the Stratosphere

1220: Florence "Pancho" Barnes, Founder of the First Stunt Pilot's Union

1221: Ruth Graves Wakefield, Chef and Inventor of the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie

1222: Anacaona, Artist and Oral Historian of the Taino of Modern Haiti

1223: Hetty Green, The Witch of Wallstreet

1224: Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, West African Egbado Princess and adopted Daughter of Queen Victoria

1225: Xi Lingshi, Chinese Empress Who Discovered Silk Weaving

1226: Frances Oldham Kelsey, FDA Worker Who Stopped Thalidomide From Ever Reaching Consumers in the United States

1227: Anna Mae Violet McCabe Hays, The First Female Brigadier General in United States History

1228: Mary Ann Brown Patten, The First Female Commandeer of an American Merchant Vessel (She was Also Nineteen and Pregnant!)

1229: Sayyida Al-Hurrah, The Last Woman in Islamic History to Legitimately Hold the Title of al-Hurrah (Queen)
1230: Mochizuki Chiyome, Noblewoman Who Created an All-Female Elite Force of Ninjas

1231: Buffalo Calf Road Woman, The Only Woman to Fight At the Battle of Little Bighorn (Custer's Last Stand)

1232: Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of American Girl Scouts

1233: Clelia Duel Mosher, Conducted the First Ever Study on Victorian Women's Sexuality
1234: Dorothy Arzner, Film Director Credited With Working on More Hollywood Films Than Any Other

1235: Kumander Liwayway, Beauty Queen Turned Military Commander

1236: Henrietta Duterte, The First Woman in the United States to Operate Her Own Mortuary

1237: Georgia Gilmore, Helped Fund the Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycotts By Selling Home Cooked Meals Out of Her Own House
1238: Paula Mae Weekes, The First Female President of Trinidad and Tobago

1239: Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan, Million Dollar American Princess Turned Suffragette
1240: Mother Lu, The First Female Rebel Leader in Chinese History

1241: Frances Abigail Olufunmilayo Thomas Anikulapo Ransome-Kuti, Leader of the Women's Rights and Anti-Colonial Struggles in Nigeria

1242: Cut Nyak Dhien, Leader of the Acehnese Guerrilla Forces During the Aceh War

1243: Saveitribai Phule, India's First Feminist, Social Reformer

1244: Trinidad Tecson, Mother of the Biak-na-Bato & Philippine Independence Advocate

1245: Arwa Al-Sulayhi, Mother of Yemen's Golden Age

1246: Juana Azurday de Padilla, Bolivian Guerrilla Military Leader

1247: Pailadzo Captanian, Survivor of the Armenian Genocide Whose Pilaf Recipe Would Inspire Rice-a-Roni
1248: Velu Nachiyar, Queen of the Sivaganga Estate in Southern India
1249: Mollie Burkhart, Survivor of the Osage Indian Murders

1250: Elsie Eiler, Mayor, Treasurer, Clerk, Secretary, Tavern Owner, Bartender, and Librarian AND the only person living in Monowi, Nebraska
1251: Eumachia, Public Priestess of the Imperial Cult of Pompeii
1252: Tammie Jo Schults, One of the First Female Fighter Pilots in the United States Navy

1253: Hannelore Schmatz, Mountaineer and the First Woman and First German to Die on Everest

1254:  Mary Grace Quackenbos Humiston, The First Female Special Assistant United States Attorney

1255: Beate Uhse-Rotermund, Stunt Pilot and Owner of the World's First Sex Shop

1256: Hanna Reitsch, Aviatrix and Test Pilot for the Luftwaffe
1257: Sabiha Gokcen, The World's First Female Fighter Pilot
1258: Jacqueline Cochran, Aviation Pioneer and Main Force Behind the Formation of the WAACs and the WASPs

1259: Polina Osipenko, Pioneering Soviet Military Pilot

1260: Maria Bochkareva, The First Russian Woman to Command a Military Unit

1261: Ann Baumgartner Carl, The First Woman to Fly a Jet Aircraft

1262: Alakhai Bekhi, Daughter of Genghis Khan
1263: Stacey Cunningham, The First Female President of the New York Stock Exchange

1264: Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, First German Female Poet

1265: Margaret Fell, The Mother of Quakerism

1266: Amelia Bloomer, Women's Suffrage Advocate, Newspaper Editor, and Social Activist
1267: Helene van Zuylen, Socialite and Member of the Rothschild Family
1268: Sarah Biffen, English Painter Born With No Arms or Legs

1269: Amelia Edwards, Egyptologist, Suffragette, Journalist, and Novelist

1270: Mary Ann Shadd Cary, The First African American Female Publisher in North America and the First Female Publisher in Canada
1271: Cornelia Sorabji, India's First Female Lawyer
1272: Mary Ellis, World War II Veteran and Pilot for Britain's Ferrying Service

1273: Maria Reiche, Mathematician, Archaeologist, and Translator

1274: Kakenya Ntaiya, Social Activist Fighting Against Child Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation

1275: Nice Nailantei Leng’ete, Social Activist Fighting Against Child Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation

1276: Rose Abbott, The Only Titanic Passenger to Go Down With the Ship and Then be Pulled From the Water Alive

1277: Irene of Athens, Empress of the Byzantine Empire

1278: Elizabeth Holloway Marston, Attorney and Psychologist Who Helped Create the First Lie Detector Test
1279: Olive Byrne, Elizabeth and William Marston's Girlfriend & Author
1280: Vitka Kempner, The Avenger of the Holocaust
1281: Carole Lombard, The Highest Paid Female Film Actress of the 1930's

1282: Susan (McSween) Barber, The Cattle Queen of New Mexico
1283: Catherine McCarty Antrim, Billy the Kid's Mother
1284: Helen Barnum Buchtel, Disowned Daughter of PT Barnum
1285: Karen Carlin, Exotic Dancer and the Sole Reason Jack Ruby was Able to Shoot Lee Harvey Oswald
1286: Christine Schuler-Deschryver, City of Joy Co-Founder and Director

1287: Eve Ensler, Playwright, Activist, and Author of The Vagina Monologues
1288: Marina Oswald Porter, Widow of Lee Harvey Oswald
1289: Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, Andrew Jackson's Mother

1290: Laodicea Langston, Sixteen Year Old Patriot During the Revolutionary War
1291: Prudence Crandall, Captain in Pepperell's Minutewomen During the Revolutionary War

1292: Rebecca Motte, Plantation Owner and Patriot During the Revolutionary War

1293: Genevieve Grotjan Feinstein, Cryptographer Instrumental in Cracking Japan's Code Purple During World War II

1294: Nitocris, Daughter of the Pharaoh Who Served as God's Wife of Amun For Over Seventy Years

1295: Neithhotep, Queen of Pre-Dynastic Egypt & Presumed Wife of Narmer

1296: Anna Smith Strong, Member of George Washington's Culpeper Spy Ring

1297: Nehmes-Bastet, Temple Singer During Egypt's 22nd Dynasty
1298: Tamzene Donner, The Wife of Captain George Donner on the Infamous Donner Party

1299: Helen Gillis Nelson, The Wife of Baby Face Nelson

1300: Margret Keyes Reed, Survivor of the Infamous Donner Party

Entries 1301-1400:

1301: Sarah Baartman, Was Illegally Forced Into a Binding Contract With the English To Work as a Living Curiosity

1302: Anna Komnene, Princess, Historian, Hospital Administrator, and Author of the Alexiad

1303: Libby Zion, Her Tragic Death Led to the Passage of the Libby Zion Law, Which Limits the Number of Hours a Medical Resident Can Work Per Week in the United States

1304: Raye Montague, Naval Engineer and Hidden Figure
1305: Barbara Barrett, Secretary of the United States Air Force

1306: Margaret Crockett Morrow, Davy Crockett's Older Sister Whose Life was Nothing But Tragedy
1307: Mikelle Biggs, Missing Child
1308: Urbinia, Vestal Virgin
1309: Caparronia, Vestal Virgin

1310: Opimia, Vestal Virgin

1311: Floronia, Vestal Virgin

1312: Licenia, Vestal Virgin
1313: Aquilia Severa, Vestal Virgin Turned Wife of the Emperor

1314: Oppia, Vestal Virgin

1315: Minucia, Vestal Virgin
1316: Licinia, Vestal Virgin (Different From the One Above)

1317: Mkabayi kaJama, Princess Responsible for the Rise and Fall of Shaka Zulu

1318: Marcia, Vestal Virgin
1319: Aemilia, Vestal Virgin

1320: Licinia Praetextata, Chief Vestal Virgin

1321: Cornelia, Chief Vestal Virgin

1322: Empress Zewditu of Ethiopia, Conservative Empress Who Emulated Queen Victoria

1323: Lathgertha, Legendary Viking Shieldmaiden

1324: Nina Teitelboim, Anti-Nazi Resistance Fighter

1325: Hangaku Gozen, Samurai Warrior

1326: Durgawati Devi, Spy and Revolutionary Fighter Against the British Colonizing India
1327: Sahle-Work Zewde, Ethiopia's First Female President

1328: Candace Owens, Conservative Political Activist & Leader of the Blexit Movement
1329: Phantasia, Legend Who Reportedly Wrote the Illiad and Odyssey

1330: Cratesipolis, Exacted Much Vengeance Against the Men Who Killed Her Husband

1331: Pauline Cushman, Actress and Union Spy During the War Between the States

1332: Woman Chief, Absaroka (Crow) Amazon warrior

1333: Lieutenant Colonel Eileen Collins, The First Female Pilot of a Space Shuttle

1334: Lotfia El Nadi, The First Egyptian Woman to Earn a Pilot's License

1335: Karen Silkwood, Nuclear Reactor Employee Turned Union Activist

1336: Wangari Maathai, The First African Woman to Win the Nobel Peace Prize

1337: : Halet Çambel, Archaeologist and the First Muslim Woman to Compete in the Olympics

1338: Olga Skorokhodova, The Only Known Deaf/Blind Researcher

1339: Anna Freud, Daughter of Sigmund and Psychologist Herself

1340: Christine Darden, Hidden Figure Who Worked at NASA on Sonic Boom Minimization

1341: Ellen Ochoa, Former Astronaut and Director of NASA's Johnson Space Center

1342: Kalpana Chawla, The First Woman of Indian Descent to Go to Space

1343: Arabella Mansfield, The First Female Lawyer in the United States

1344: Ada H Kepley, The First Woman to Graduate From Law School in the United States
1345: Charlotte Ray, the First Woman of African Descent to Practice Law in the United States

1346: Angelina Emily Grimké, Abolitionist

1347: Sarah Moore Grimké, Abolitionist

1348: Clare Boothe Luce, The First Woman From the United States Appointed Ambassador to Another World Power (Italy)

1349: Lee Tai-Young, Korea's First Female Lawyer

1350: Corazon Aquino, The First Female President of the Philippines

1351: Asieh Amini, Activist Fighting to End Stoning in Iran
1352: Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota

1353: Sabine Zlatin, Savior of Children in a Small Town in France During the Shoah

1354: Sylvia Hermann, The Teenage Girl Who Helped Capture One of the Most Notorious Nazi War Criminals of All Time

1355: Martha Gellhorn, World Renowned Journalist and War Correspondent

1356: Graciela Sirota, One of the Many Victims of Anti-Semitism in 1960's Argentina

1357: Soledad Barrett, Victim of Fascist Revolutionaries in South America

1358: Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama

1359: Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa

1360: Amanishakheto, Warrior Queen From Kush

1361: Amanitore, Kushite Warrior Queen & One of the Few Women Mentioned by Name in the Bible

1362: FM Miller, Marshal in the Indian Territory

1363: Ada Curnutt, Deputy Marshal in the Indian Territory

1364: Flossie Hitchcock, Deputy Marshal in the Indian Territory

1365: Dame Sibyl Hathaway, The 22nd Feudal Lord of Sark Island

1366: Lisa Miller, Florist, Small Business Owner, and the Best Mother Ever

1367: Ruth Griffin, Retired Florist, Small Business Owner, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother

1368: Hope Griffin, Florist, Small Business Owner, Grandmother, and Much More

1369: Saraya-Jade Bevis, Retired WWE Wrestler

1370: Caroline Yale, Educator Focused On Helping Deaf Children
1371: Violeta Chamorro, The First Female President of Nicaragua

1372: Razia al-Din, The First and Only Female Sultanate of the Delhi Sultanate
1373: Tine Nys, Autistic Woman Who Convinced Doctors to Help Euthanize Her

1374: Milada Horáková, Women's Rights Activist Who was Executed by the Communist Regime
1375: Tomyris, Widowed Leader of the Massagetae of Central Asia

1376: Laskarina Bouboulina, Possibly the First Female Navy Admiral of the Russian Navy

1377: Sophie, Wife of Franz Josef; Their Deaths Marked the Beginning of World War I

1378: Sarah Josepha Hale, Author of Mary Had a Little Lamb

1379: Marjorie Bruce, Princess of Scotland & The Only Child of Robert the Bruce

1380: Anne Stuart, Queen of Great Britain & Ireland and the Last Stuart Monarch

1381: Hilda Anderson Erickson, Pioneering Leader in the LDS Church and So Much More

1382: Emma Willard, Founder of the First College for Women

1383: Harriet Jacobs, Escaped Slave and Abolitionist
1384: Lucy Stone, Suffrage Advocate & the First Woman From Massachusetts to Earn a College Degree

1385: Julia Ward Howe, Author of Battle Hymn of the Republic

1386: Harriet Goodhue Hosmer, The First Professional Female Sculptor

1387: Ellen Browning Scripps, Pioneering Journalist

1388: Julia Morgan, Architect Who Oversaw the Construction of Hearst Castle

1389: : Lady of Cofitachequi, Legendary Leader of a Native Tribe Who Met With Hernando de Soto

1390: Captain Rosemary Mariner, The First Woman to Command a Naval Aviation Squadron in United States History
1391: Judith Sargent Murray, Advocate For Various Causes Through the Use of Essays

1392: Rebecca Latimer Felton, The First Woman to Join the United States Senate--She Served For an Entire Day
1393: Hattie Caraway, The First Woman Elected to an Entire Term in the United States Senate

1394: Unknown Confederate Soldier who died in Pickett’s Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg

1395: Second Unknown Confederate Soldier who died in Pickett’s Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg

1396: Minnie Spotted-Wolf, She was The first Woman of Native American Origin to Serve in The United States Marine Corps

1397: Margaret Fuller, The First American Woman to Work Full Time as a Book Reviewer
1398:  Ann Lee Stanley, Mother Ann, The Prophet For the Shakers

1399: Mary Mildred Williams, America's First Poster Child, Her Mixed Race Heritage Brought The Issue of Slavery to The Forefront of America

1400: The Viking Warrior of Birka, One of The Few Viking Women to Be Found Buried With Multiple Weapons & Other Warrior Grave Goods

Entries 1401-1500:

1401: Sarah Boone, Inventor Awarded a Patent For The Ironing Board

1402: Li Qing-zhao, One of the Greatest Chinese Poets of All Time

1403: Liang Hongyu, General During China's Song Dynasty

1404: Ida Wood, "Everything Was Fake, But Her Wealth"

1405: Nasrin Sotoudeh, Human Rights Lawyer Sentenced to 33 Years in Prison & 148 Lashes by Iran

1406: Shaparak Shajarizadeh, Women's Rights Activist Who Fights Against Iran's Veiling Laws

1407: Dr. Adélaïde Hautval, Psychologist Who Worked With Survivors During the Shoah

1408: Carly Schroeder, Left the World of Acting to Join the United States Army

1409: Lou Henry Hoover, Former First Lady of the United States

1410: Florence Harding, Former First Lady of the United States

1411: Captain Brenda Berkman, Firefighter Who Fought Against the Sexist Hiring Practices of Firehouses Across the United States

1412: Redoshi, West African Slave & The Last Confirmed Living Survivor of a Slave Transport Ship in the United States

1413: Lisa del Giocondo, Believed to Be the Real Mona Lisa
1414: Minnie Freeman Penney, Teacher Who Rescued Her Students During a Horrific Blizzard
1415: Joan Curran, Physicist Who Worked on Operation Windows During World War II

1416: Marcia Clark, Prosecutor Who Tried the Alleged Murderers of Rebecca Schaeffer & Nicole Brown Simpson

1417: Nusrat Jahan Rafi, Student Who Was Murdered After Reporting to the Police She'd Been Raped by a School Faculty Member

1418: Peggy Shippen Arnold, So Much More Than Benedict's Wife

1419: Miriam A Ferguson, Second Female Governor in United States History and the First From Texas

1420: Anna Jarvis, Popularized Mother's Day in the United States

1421: Agnes Barre, One of the Two Green Children of Woolpit
1422: Jeanne Blum, Former First Lady of France

1423: Mary Desha, One of the Four Founders of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

1424: Ellen Walworth, One of the Four Founders of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

1425: Mary S Lockwood, One of the Four Founders of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

1426: Eugenia Washington, One of the Four Founders of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

1427: Grace Golden Clayton, Credited With Holding the First Father's Day Celebration in the United States

1428: Rachel Barcellona, Advocate & Founder of Ability Beyond Disabilities

1429: Anne de Bretagne, Queen Consort of France
1430: Caroline Scott Harrison, Former First Lady of the United States & The First President General of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

1431: Terri Irwin, Animal Rights Activist and Conservationist

1432: Alifair McCoy, One of the Multiple Victims of the Hatfield v McCoy Feud
1433: Lady Flora Hastings, Known Today For What is Dubbed the Hastings Affair

1434: Amalasuntha, She was Queen of the Ostrogoths
1435: The Younger Lady, Tutankhamun's Mother

1436: Burdena “Birdie” Pasenelli, FBI Agent Who was the First Woman to Lead an FBI Office For an Entire State (Alaska)

1437: Dahteste, Mescalero Apache Warrior
1438: Twosret, Final Pharaoh of Egypt's Nineteenth Dynasty

1439: Hua Mulan, Legendary Warrior from China
1440: Diotima of Mantinea, Philosopher Who Played an Important Role in Plato’s Symposium

1441: Axiothea of Phlius, One of Two Female Students in Plato's Academy

1442:  Lastheneia of Mantinea, One of Two Female Students in Plato's Academy

1443: Aspasia of Miletus, Pericles' Lover

1444: Lepa Svetozara Radić, Nazi Resistance Fighter in Bosnia & Herzegovina

1445: CDR Andria Slough, US Navy Combat Information Center Officer

1446: Colestah, Fought at the Battles of Spokane Plains and Four Lakes

1447: Running Eagle, Blackfeet Warrior Woman Whose Motivations For War Are Completely Different Depending on Who You Ask

1448: Among the Willows, Crow Warrior Woman Who Fought Against the Lakota

1449: Come Towards the Near Bank, Crow Warrior Known For Her Strength in Battle

1450: Lady Egeria, Early Christian Woman Who Made a Long Pilgrimage to Early Biblical Sites

1451: Thecla, Early Christian Woman Who Made a Long Pilgrimage to Early Biblical Sites

1452: Aelia Flavia Flaccilla, Empress of Rome

1453: Rebecca Bates, Half of the Army of Two During the War of 1812

1454: Abigail Bates, Half of the Army of Two During the War of 1812

1455: Judy Reed, The First African American Woman to Ever Receive a United States Patent

1456: Barbara Fritchie, Union Heroine During the War Between the States

1457: Mary Ann Brough, Wet Nurse to Several of Queen Victoria's Children

1458: Mercy Lavinia Warren, Dwarf Hired by PT Barnum and the Wife of General Tom Thumb

And Many More to Come!