Royalty (Or Associated With)

Some of them wore the crown, others were surrounded by it. In either case, here are those who were near the throne for some period of their lives.


The Royals:

Ruled In Africa:


Ruled in Asia:


Ruled in Europe:


Ruled in the Middle East:


Ruled in North America:

  • Awashonks, Though Not Technically a Queen, the British Referred to Her as One
  • Ka'ahumanu, Queen of Hawaii
  • Xochitl, Queen of the Toltec Empire

Ruled in Oceania/Australia:

Ruled in South America:

Those Near the Throne:

From Africa:

  • Nebet, Vizier to Pharaoh Pepi I

From Asia:

  • Fu Hao, Consort to Emperor Wu Ding of China, Military General, Priestess, etc
  • Murasaki Shikibu, Court Lady and Novelist During the Japanese Heian Period
  • Peter Carl Fabergé, Maker of the Fabulous Fabergé Eggs and Jewelry
  • Ruan An, The Vietnamese Man Who Built China's Forbidden City
  • Shangguan Wan'er, Prime Minister to Wu Zetian (Chinese Empress)
  • Yao Niang, Court Dancer Attributed With Popularizing Foot Binding

From Europe:

From the Middle East:


From North America:


From Oceania/Australia:


From South America: