Affiliated With Religion

Here you'll find the expected, saints, nuns, bishops/priests/ministers etc, but also people who were simply faithful, or destroyed by a religion. One thing I've learned with studying different belief systems over the years, is that religion can bring faith to the hopeless, but also lead to mass destruction, death, and war. Studying religion is not for the faint of heart, as these entries will attest to.



  • Ani Pachen, Tibetan Warrior Nun who Spent Twenty-One Years Imprisoned and Tortured by the Chinese Communist Party
  • Thích Quảng Đức, Buddhist Monk who committed self-immolation to bring attention to his cause




  • Constance Kent, Murderess Whose Case Brought Confessional Privilege to the Forefront of Criminal Law





  • Helmuth Hübener, The Youngest Opponent of the Third Reich to be Tried and Executed by the People's Court
  • Juanita Brooks, Stake Relief Society Leader and Historian

Other Christian Sects:

  • Alveda King, Evangelist and Pro-life Activist
  • Anne Askew, Protestant Martyr
  • Asia Bibi, Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy (She was Later Acquitted)
  • Guglielma, Preached a Feminized Version of Christianity
  • Ka'ahumanu, Queen of Hawaii who was Converted by Protestant Missionaries
  • Kayla Mueller, Christian Aid Worker Taken Captive and Murdered by the Islamic State
  • Linda Lovelace, Porn Star Who Went on to Become a Born-Again Christian
  • Manfreda, Papess of a Feminized Christian Sect
  • Mary Magdalene, Jesus's Disciple
  • Minnie Vautrin, Christian Missionary Working in China During the Rape of Nanking
  • Olga of Kiev, She Began the Process of Converting Russia to Christianity (Among Other Things)
  • Reverend Wade Watts, Civil Rights and Peace Activist
  • Theodora I,Empress of the Byzantine Empire







Russian/Georgian Orthodox:





  • Fatima Al-Fihriya, Founded the World's First Continually Operated University (And Mosque)
  • Kosem Sultan, Sufi Regent of the Ottoman Empire who Built a Mosque
  • Mirhimah Sultan, Ottoman Princess who Oversaw the Building of Two Mosque Complexes
  • Shajar al-Durr, Female Sultan who Defied Islamic Customs



Other Religions: