164) Benjamin Lay

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164) Benjamin Lay

The Dwarf, Vegan, Abolitionist Quaker

Born: 27 November 1682, Colchester, Essex, England (Present-day United Kingdom)

Died: 3 February 1759, Abington, the Colony of Pennsylvania (Present Day Pennsylvania, United States of America)

In later history, the Quakers were known for their anti-slavery point of view, but in Benjamin’s time, that was a radical and not at all acceptable point of view.

But yes, its true, he was an anti-slavery, Vegan, Quaker, Dwarf.

He was disowned by his fellow Quakers in 1738 for his anti-slavery sentiments.

Benjamin apparently learned to detest slavery after a trip to Barbados.

I first learned about Benjamin when he was featured in Smithsonian Magazine’s October 2017 Edition (Online Article listed below).

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