Women in STEM Fields

You've probably heard the words "Women in STEM" in the mouths of nearly every politician and teacher in the past few years. But if you haven't, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; four fields that have historically much lower participation from women and girls than men. With this great push towards having women enter these fields, I thought the best way to do that would be to highlight the women who are already, as stories to inspire little girls everywhere into joining a STEM field.





Anthropology and Human Studies:

  • Elizabeth Rawdon, The First Person to Undertake a Scientific Study of a Bog Body
  • Ella Cara Deloria, Linguist, Ethnographer, and Anthropologist For the Sioux Peoples
  • Mary Leakey, Paleonathropologist Who Made Multiple Discoveries in Early Hominid History
  • Elena Cornaro Piscopia, The First Woman to Ever Receive a Doctoral Degree, Music Composer, and Linguist
  • Salima Ikram, Egyptologist and Professor of Egyptology


Archaeology and Cartography:



Biology and Earth Sciences:




Medical Researchers:




Veterinary or Zoological Sciences:


Women Who Worked in the Medical Field: