Celebrating 1,000 Women (And Counting!)


Just a quick note to celebrate this historic milestone. After gathering data and stories for five years, I am now proud to say the first 1,000 women have been posted to this website, where their stories will live on forever. We have seen criminals, victims, scientists, mathematicians, lawyers, advocates, survivors, artists, musicians, actresses, innkeepers, warriors, royalty, and so much more.

I now know I have over six hundred more women to go, but I wanted to mark the date as the first 1,000 appeared. Today, Christmas Eve, 24 December 2020, officially marks that day. Entry number one, Hypatia of Alexandria, and entry number one thousand, Claressa Shields, have led completely different lives than just about anyone, but that's even more perfect in a way. These two women represent how varied and wonderful the human story is, and how each story impacts the world in such a different way.

Thank you, to anyone reading this, to anyone who has supported me over the years, and to everyone who will continue or begin to support me in the future. None of this would have been possible without you, and I will always be grateful.

To 1,000 more eventually! (And a special note of appreciation for the 200 men who have active profiles on this site as well. We won't forget you either, and I'm proud to say I have about twenty more on the way...)

-The Exasperated Historian Herself, Zoë