Neferneferuaten and Her Sister Neferneferure

985: Neferneferure

Fifth Born of Nefertiti and Akhenaten’s Daughters

Born: c.1344, Akhetaten, Ancient Egypt (Present-day Amarna, Egypt)

Died: c. 1339, Akhetaten, Ancient Egypt (Present-day Amarna, Egypt)

Her name has been translated as “Most Beautiful One of Re,” or “Beautiful are the Beauties of Re.”

It is believed Neferneferure was born around the eighth year of her father’s reign. She had four older sisters and one younger. The image shown here in this article depicts Neferneferure with her sister Nefernefernuaten Tasherit; it appears in the royal residence in the capital city of Akhetaten (known as Amarna today).

Neferneferure died around the thirteenth or fourteenth year of her father’s reign, possibly during an outbreak of disease across the land. Historians have dated her death to around this time because she is absent from one image of the royal family and has been plastered over in another; both images dating to around the year of Neferneferure’s estimated death.

One of the images Neferneferure is missing from is the mourning scene of her elder sister Meketaten which appears in Akhenaten’s tomb. This leads historians to believe Neferneferure, and her younger sister Setepenre who is also missing, both died before their elder sister Meketaten.

Very little else is known of Neferneferure's short life. For more information about the Amarna Period, click the link to her sister Meketaten's article.