History Making Couples

Sometimes its not enough for one person to be a history maker. Sometimes they do it all with their spouse by their side. This list highlights some of those amazing power couples and all the work they've done.

If you see a name that is not highlighted orange yet, it means I have not uploaded their profile yet, but I promise its coming soon!


  • Patrick & Sarah Shelton Henry: Patrick was a Founding Father and Sarah was his Sadly, Mentally Ill Wife
  • Steve & Terri Irwin: Animal Conservationists and Owners of the Australia Zoo (By the way, the Irwins are also the only family on my list to have their entire immediate family as entries--check out Bindi and Robert's Profiles as well!)
  • Abba Kovner & Vitka Kempner: Founding Members of the Avengers (A Jewish Resistance Group During the Shoah)
  • August Landmesser & Irma Eckler: August and Irma Fell in Love and Married Despite it Being Illegal in Nazi Germany
  • William Marston, Elizabeth Marston, & Olive Byrne: William and Elizabeth Were Professors and Scientists, and Olive was Their Wife in Everything But Legal Papers
  • Oskar & Emilie Schindler: Working Together, They Saved Thousands of Jews During the Shoah
  • Jan & Antonina Żabiński: Working Together, They Saved Hundreds of Jews During the Shoah by Hiding Them in the Warsaw Zoo