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632: Liza Minnelli

Actress and Singer

Born: 12 March 1946, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Liza is known for performances in Cabaret and other Broadway productions. She made her film debut when she was only fourteen months old and was practically raised on the MGM Studio Lot.

By the age of sixteen, Liza was living on her own in New York City, trying to make it into show business independent of her mother, Judy Garland’s, success. By nineteen, Liza had been nominated for her first Tony (which she won), and by twenty-three, she was nominated for her first Academy Award. She ended up taking the Oscar home in 1972 for her role in Cabaret.

Throughout her career, Liza has been called both “The Queen of Hollywood” and “The Queen of Broadway.”

Liza has three half-siblings, one of whom is Lorna Luft. She has been married and divorced four times. Liza does her best to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, but unfortunately, she checked herself into the Betty Ford Clinic in the 1980’s for a drug addiction problem. Liza has since stated she has achieved sobriety.

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