48) Bradley Willman

Please note, this is not an image of Bradley. I have not been able to find and verify any photos of him.

48) Bradley Willman

He's Gonna Getcha Real Good

Born: 1980, Langley City, Canada

As a teenager Bradley took it upon himself to catch pedophiles, yes really.

He did this, as any teenager would, by creating a Trojan Horse virus in 2000, that allowed him access to between 2,000 and 3,000 computers. One of the men he caught and put behind bars was a California Superior Court Judge. And Bradley did it all from his parent’s basement when he was only nineteen years old.

He is also responsible for leading the Canadian Mounted Police to catching a man who was literally offering up his eight-year-old daughter for sexual exploitation.

Bradley even helps find and identify the victims in these child pornographic images and videos. In a nutshell, Bradley is a hero.

Today, he works as a private investigator and anti-pedophile activist.