115) Maurice Hilleman

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115) Maurice Hilleman

He Created Over 40 Different Vaccinations

Born: 30 August 1919, Miles City, Montana, United States of America

Died: 11 April 2005, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Vaccinologist and Microbiologist

His vaccine inventions include: Chicken Pox, Pneumonia, Meningitis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (Eventually the MMR Vaccine), Varicella, Marek’s Disease, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B.

The Measles Vaccine alone was estimated to save one million lives, meaning he may have saved more lives than anyone else to ever live.

Maurice was the recipient of: National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences, Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award, Prince Mahidol Award, A Special Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Health Organization, The Alumni Medal for Lifetime Achievement from the University of Chicago, Special Award for Achievement and Legacy by the CDC Foundation.

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