108) Joseph Lister

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108) Joseph Lister

Oh, so that’s where Listerine came from

Born: 5 April 1827, London, United Kingdom

Died: 10 February 1912, Dover, United Kingdom

Aristocratic Title: First Baron Lister of Lyme Regis

Joseph introduced Antiseptic Rituals into Medicine and was a pioneer in preventive care.

Joseph was a Surgeon who earned his medical degree in 1852. Beginning in 1856, he began to become concerned with how many patients died after surgery. In four years, he was able to drop the patient mortality rate in one of the wards from 50% to 15%.

At first other doctors didn’t believe him, but by 1877 opinions changed, and he even helped create surgical gloves.

In his personal life, Joseph was a Quaker and happily married, but had no children.

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The Butchering Art: Joseph Lister's Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine by Lindsey Fitzharris