Women Warriors

Here's to the ladies that fought like demons, the ones who served their country or empire with pride, or simply fought for what they believed in. Warrior women come in all forms and across all time periods. Their stories are so varied and different, I've done my best to separate them into coherent groups, but it wasn't easy. Hopefully you're able to get the gist of why some are where they are.

Fought Through a Life of Crime:


Fought with a Crown on Her Head:

  • Amanirenas, Warrior Queen of Kush
  • Arachidamia, Warrior Queen of Sparta
  • Boudica, Burned London to the Ground
  • Fu Hao, Military General and Priestess
  • Grace O'Malley, Irish Chieftain and Pirate
  • Isabella of France, Queen of England who Forced Her Husband to Abdicate in Favor of Their Son
  • Mandukhai Khatun, Mongolian Empress who Fought in Battle While Pregnant With Twins
  • Sammu-Ramat, Empress Regnant of Assyria
  • Sparethra, Queen Who Led a Force 500,000 Strong Against Cyrus the Great
  • Taytu Betul, Empress of Ethiopia
  • Trung Nhi, She and Her Sister Led a Large-Scale Rebellion Against Their Chinese Overlords
  • Trung Trac, She and Her Sister Led a Large-Scale Rebellion Against Their Chinese Overlords
  • Xochitl, Queen of the Toltec Empire
  • Yaa Asantewaa, Led the Ashanti People During the War of the Golden Stool
  • Yennenga, Mother of the Mossi People

Fought as a Spy:


Fought to Save Her Country from Invaders (Outside Traditional Armed Forces):


Fought as a Rebel Leader/During a Revolution:


Fought in Her Country’s Army:


Fought in her Country's Coast Guard:

Fought in Her Country’s Navy:


Fought in Her Country’s Marines:


Fought in Her Country’s Airforce:

  • Elaine Harmon, WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot) During World War II
  • Lydia Litvyak, Soviet Air Force Pilot
  • Marina Raskova, Pioneering Pilot and Navigator
  • Nadezhda Popova, Night Witch and Soviet Pilot During World War II
  • Ruth Law Oliver, Pioneering Aviatrix and the First Female Pilot to be Awarded a Combat Uniform from the United States (Before the Creation of the US Airforce)


Fought for Her Country Before They Had Named Armed Forces:


Native American\Indigenous Warrior Women:

  • Ehyophsta, Cheynne Warrior who Fought in the Battle of Beecher Island
  • Gouyen, Warrior with a Vendetta Against the Comanche
  • Lozen, Chihenne Apache Warrior and Medicine Woman
  • Marie Aioe Dorion, The Second Woman to Trek Across the Western United States After Sacagawea
  • Moving Robe Woman, Fought at the Battle of Little Bighorn
  • Nancy Ward, Cherokee Warrior and Beloved Woman
  • Osh-Tisch, Crow Bade Warrior
  • The Other Magpie, Crow Warrior Woman
  • Toby Riddle, Modoc Interpreter
  • Truganini, The Last Full Blooded Member of the Palawa People
  • Weetamoo, Sunksqua and War Chief to the Pocasset People


A Warrior in Any Other Form: