Entries By Birth Locations

This Page is a Navigational One. Below I will Link The Continents of the World. From there, you will see a list of countries within that continent. If the country is listed in Orange, that means there is currently an entry on this website that is active, and you can learn about that person today! If the country is the same grey as this text, that means I do not currently have any active entries for that country, but someday soon I hopefully will!

Obviously countries and borders change throughout history, so if I have an entry of someone born into a country that no longer exists, I try my best to link them under the Present-day country in that location. Sometimes the borders of ancient lands are not exact, so in that case I have chosen the closest country I could. Some entries have certain questions or missing information about them, and so these will be listed under the "Unknown Origins" Tab. If you have documentation to provide a more accurate listing for them, I would love to see it! My goal is to one day no longer have an Unknown Origins Link, and if we work together, I'm sure we can see that future come true! Thanks everyone!