Ancient Greece

These are the entries that lived and are connected to Ancient Greece; whether they were doctors, prostitutes, warriors, or anything in between.


  • Aglaonice, The First Female Astronomer from Ancient Greece
  • Agnodice, the first female doctor from Athens, Greece
  • Arachidamia, Warrior Queen of Sparta
  • Arsinoë IV, the meddling little sister of Cleopatra VII
  • Cleopatra VII Philopater, yes, that Cleopatra
  • Cleopatra Selene II, Cleopatra VII's daughter
  • Cynisca, Spartan Princess and the First Woman to Win at the Olympic Games
  • Hypatia of Alexandria, she's my number one for a reason
  • Olympias, Mother of Alexander the Great with ties to Epirus and Macedon
  • Phryne, Prostitute Who was Put on Trial but was Acquitted After She Flashed Her Breasts to the Crowd
  • Sappho, Famed Poet Whose Now Known for Being a Lesbian Icon
  • Sparethra, Queen Who Fought Against Cyrus the Great