Courtesy of PYB NAIJA

823: Dr. Oluwo Adedunmola

What, Like Its Hard or Something?

Born: c.1992, Nigeria

Also Known As: Dr. Dedun

Oluwo finished medical school while running four businesses before the age of twenty-four. Her story went semi-viral on the internet, and for good reason.

Oluwo calls herself the Doctorpreneur. She didn’t have to repeat a single course while in medical school and has a master’s degree in business from a school in Rome.

Her businesses are Dedun’s Cake, Hair by Dedun, DedunCooks, and Belle Artistry by Dedun. Oluwo also runs a YouTube channel and a personal blog. She even has a free mentorship program she runs for young people as well.

She went to medical school in Hungary and did all of this in the hopes of helping her retired single mother. And no, I honestly have no idea when she sleeps.

According to a custom wedding website created via The Knot, Oluwo was set to be married in April of 2020. I hope for her and her groom’s sake the wedding did take place and was not pushed back because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.