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I hope to one day include the names of Olga's victims here, to honor them so they will never be forgotten, however I have been unable to locate their names at this time. 

741: Olga Hepnarová

Czech Mass Murderer

Born: 30 June 1951, Prague, Czechoslovakia (Present-day Prague, Czech Republic)

Died: 12 March 1975, Prague, Czechoslovakia (Present-day Prague, Czech Republic)

Olga was the last woman executed in Czechoslovakia and struggled with mental health problems throughout her life; including a yearlong psychiatric hospitalization in her teens after trying to commit suicide at thirteen. Sources differ on exactly what symptoms she possessed over the years, but she may have heard voices and suffered depressive episodes.

After leaving the hospital, where one doctor diagnosed her as schizophrenic, Olga left home and became a truck driver. She also began having relationships with both men and women.

In July of 1973, after planning the crime in advance, Olga ran over a crowd of people, killing eight and injuring twelve more. Her motive was her false belief that the world hated her and her family. Unfortunately for Olga’s victims, she had sent letters to two newspapers in the days before the attack detailing her plan to commit the crime, but because the Czech postal system was so slow, the letters didn’t arrive until two days after the crime had taken place.

Her sentence was reaffirmed by several Czech court systems, and her request to the prime minister for a pardon was denied. Though Olga was represented by a competent lawyer, she refused to work with him and also refused to plead insanity.

The street where Olga killed her victims has now been renamed after a Czech heroine, Milada Horáková, who was ironically also executed by hanging. Olga’s story was chronicled in the film, Já, Olga Hepnarová.

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