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578: Nancy Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s Mom

Born: 5 February 1784, Hampshire County, Virginia, United States of America (Present-day Mineral County, West Virginia, United States of America)

Died: 5 October 1818, Spencer County, Indiana, United States of America

Nancy is remembered in history for her kindness and hope for her son to be educated. She died when Abraham was only nine years old, leaving a significant and lasting impact on her son.

In modern media, Nancy is portrayed as a victim of a vampire in the book, and later movie, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. In real life, it is believed Nancy died from “milk sickness”, or an infection from unpasteurized or otherwise contaminated milk.

Her grave was lost, and its approximate location is what is now marked in the cemetery.

Another fun fact; famed actor Tom Hanks is a distant relative of Nancy; whose maiden name was Hanks.

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Affairs of State: The Untold History of Presidential Love, Sex, and Scandal (1789-1900) by Robert Watson