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"Trinidad & Tobago is unique in its ethnic make-up because it is a country with people of all races. I am of mixed origin, mainly Chinese, Indian and Caucasian, and although my particular mixture is a minority, I represent the unusual combination of ethnicities that defines us as a people."

548: Anya Ayoung-Chee

Project Runway US Season Nine Winner

Born: 17 October 1981, See Details Below*

Anya is also an activist and entrepreneur.

Her fashion career really launched in 2008 when she competed in the Miss Universe Pageant for her native Trinidad and Tobago where she was able to design of her outfits.

All of her clothes are created in Trinidad. Anya has also opened a café and boutique there as well.

*IMDb claims she was born in Trinidad, but Wikipedia says she was born in New York City. Because Anya claims Trinidad as her home country and takes such pride in her country, I will list her as being from Trinidad. If I ever find a source to confirm New York City I will move her entry.