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523: Rosalia Lombardo

Famous Child Mummy

Born: 1918, Palermo, Italy

Died: 6 December 1920, Palermo, Italy

Rosalia died when she was only two years old (probably from some form of bronchial infection) and her heartbroken father approached a noted doctor to preserve her body.

She was one of the last bodies placed in the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo and until recently locals thought she had to be a doll because of how beautiful and lifelike she still looks. In fact, some people call her the world’s most beautiful mummy.

X-rays revealed her inner organs are also remarkably intact. To prevent any further decomposition, Rosalia now rests in a glass coffin saturated with nitrogen.

In certain videos, it seems as though Rosalia opens her eyes to look at the camera, but this is actually an optical illusion.

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