Courtesy of Twitter

298: Stephanie Garman Freed

Co-founder and CEO of Rapha International

Birth Date and Location Unknown (Her Actual Birth Day is November 19th according to the Rapha International Twitter Account)

Stephanie is also an advocate for empowering women and girls across the world to know that even though they were trafficked they are still worth everything and can do anything they put their minds to.

Rapha International provides safe houses and educational resources to girls who have been rescued from slavery and sexual exploitation in Cambodia, Haiti, and Thailand. Rapha International also provides Kids Clubs Programs in Cambodia and Thailand to help at risk youth stay off the streets and get a good education.

To learn more about Rapha International (Formerly Rapha House International) and the work they do, I highly recommend watching the empowering documentary Finding Home, the trailer for which I have linked to the left.

So, will you join the fight to end human trafficking?