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246: Eva Hart

Survived the Sinking of the RMS Titanic When She was Seven Years Old

Born: 31 January 1905, Ilford, United Kingdom

Died: 14 February 1996, Dagenham, United Kingdom

Traveling second-class with her parents, she was asleep at the time of the collision but made it into a lifeboat with her mother (her father perished in the sinking and his body was never recovered).

Eva and her mother returned to England after the sinking.

Eva quickly became one of the most prominent figures in Titanic historical societies and functions—making frequent appearances.

She never married and became a charity worker.

Her autobiography appeared in print in 1994 and she passed away in hospice from cancer.

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Located In My Personal Library:

10 True Tales: Titanic Young Survivors by Allan Zullo

How It Happened Titanic by Geoff Tibballs

A Night to Remember by Walter Lord (Mentioned on the Passenger List)