1128: Xochitl

Queen During the Toltec Empire

Lived: c.877-c.916 AD, Toltec Lands (Present-day Mexico)

She may be a legend, actual archaeological and historical documentation on her life does not exist for certain.

According to those legends, however, a civil war erupted, and Xochitl led a squadron of female warriors in the fighting, before dying in battle. Xochitl’s son was the last leader of the Toltec Empire and was also killed in battle.

Xochitl was also married to Tecpancaltzin Iztaccaltzin, the ninth ruler of the Toltec Empire.

Finding any sources online other than Wikipedia is easier said than done, so for now we’ll give her a spot of honor on this website and hope for more information to be uncovered someday.

According to Wikipedia, Xochitl’s legend was written down by indigenous historian Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl. Unfortunately, Fernando is known today for his biases towards Mexico's indigenous culture, and so his writings have to be taken with a rather large grain of salt.