These days, if you aren't a Women's Rights Advocate, you're a sexist misogynistic pig, but a hundred years ago and beyond the story was much different. This list encompasses those who historically fought for Women's Rights, and the Select Few From Today who have made it their obvious mission in life to continue the cause of women around the world.


  1. Abigail Scott Duniway, Instrumental in Securing Women's Right to Vote in Oregon, Washington State, and Idaho, United States of America
  2. Adelina Otero-Warren, Instrumental in Securing Women's Right to Vote in New Mexico, United States of America
  3. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, Uses Her Position as First Lady of Nigeria To Help Women and Girls in Her Country
  4. Alexandra Kollontai, One of the Few Women to Become a Ranking Government Official in Soviet Russia
  5. Alice Paul, Oversaw the Passage of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution
  6. Amelia Earhart, Pioneering Pilot
  7. Angelina Jolie, Actress and Advocate For Various Causes
  8. Anne Hutchinson, Puritan Rule Breaker
  9. Annie K Londonderry, The First Woman to Bicycle Her Way Around the Globe
  10. Annie Oakley, Professional Sharp Shooter
  11. Arawelo, The First Feminist Ruler
  12. Asia Ramazan Antar, Freedom Fighter With the Kurdish YPJ
  13. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Free Speech Advocate Who Fights Against FGM & Honor Killings
  14. Ben Thompson, Gunslinger and Protector of Women
  15. Bettany Hughes, Documentarian and Historian who Educates the Masses on Women's History
  16. Candalyn Kubeck, One of the First Female Commercial Airline Pilots, Who Paved the Way For Others to Follow Suit
  17. Carry Nation, Advocate Who Vandalized Saloons to Get Her Point Across
  18. Chandro Tomar, Sharpshooter who Used Her Publicity to Help Girls Across the Country
  19. Charlotta Bass, Newspaper Publisher and Politician
  20. Charlotte Woodward Pierce, Suffragist and the Only Signer at the Seneca Falls Convention Left Alive at the Passage of the 19th Amendment
  21. Christina Hoff Sommers, Author & Advocate for Equity Feminism
  22. Christine de Pisan, One of the World's First Feminist Authors
  23. Cixi, Empress Dowager of China who Fought to Better Her Countrywomen
  24. Clara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross
  25. Clementine Churchill, The Political Firepower That Convinced Her Husband to Become a Suffrage Supporter
  26. Constance Markiewicz, Suffragette and Irish Nationalist
  27. Dede Mirabal, One of Las Mariposas
  28. Donaldina Cameron, The Angry Angel of Chinatown (Helped End the Chinese Slave Trade in California)
  29. Douglas Pitt, Humanitarian and Advocate for the People of Tanzania
  30. Edith Garrud, The First Teacher of Suffrajitsu
  31. Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady of the United States of America
  32. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Social Reformer & Suffrage Advocate
  33. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the First Woman To Become a Doctor and Surgeon in Great Britain
  34. Elizabeth Hart Jarvis Colt, Oversaw the First Suffrage Convention in Connecticut History
  35. Emily Howland, Advocate For Various Causes
  36. Esther Hobart Morris, Suffrage Advocate and First Female Justice of the Peace in the US
  37. Faustina the Elder, Roman Empress Who Used Her Position to Advocate for Women and Girls' Education
  38. Fereshteh Forough, Founder of the First School Dedicated to Teaching Afghani Girls How to Code
  39. Frances Perkins, The First Woman to Serve in a US Presidential Cabinet
  40. Frida Kahlo, Painter
  41. George Francis Train, Eccentric Businessman Who Helped Fund the Suffrage Movement in the United States
  42. George Sand, Androgynous Literary Icon who Used Her Writings to Further the Cause of Independent Womanhood in France
  43. Guglielma, Preached a Feminized Version of Christianity
  44. Harriet Taylor Upton, Women's Suffrage Advocate, Political Icon, Dazzling Daughter, Need I Go On...
  45. Harriet Tubman, Abolitionist and Conductor on the Underground Railroad
  46. Harry Gordon Selfridge, Founder of Selfridge's Department Store
  47. Helen Keller, Advocate Who Overcame Being Deaf and Blind
  48. Hildegard von Bingen, Catholic Saint and So Much More
  49. Ida B Wells, Journalist and Advocate For Various Causes
  50. Indira Gandhi, The First Woman to Become the Prime Minister of India
  51. Inez Milholland, Literally Campaigned Herself to Death for the Cause of Suffrage
  52. Isabella Bird Bishop, Proved Women Could Travel and Make a Living on Their Own Merit Without a Man
  53. Jane Austen, Novelist
  54. Jeannette Rankin, The First Woman Elected to the United States Congress
  55. Katharine Wright Haskell, Suffrage Advocate & Supportive Sister
  56. Laura Welch Bush, Former First Lady of the United States
  57. Lisa Ling, Journalist and Television Commentator
  58. Lola Greene Baldwin, The First Female Police Officer in the United States, who Used Her Position to Advocate for Women and Girls
  59. Louisa May Alcott, Author of Little Women
  60. Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Deadliest Female Sniper in History Who Used Her Position to Further the Cause of Women's Rights
  61. Madam CJ Walker, The First Self-made Female Millionaire in United States History
  62. Maggie Walker, Civil Rights Activist and Businesswoman
  63. Manuela Saenz, Revolutionary Leader & Suffragette in South America
  64. Margaret Brent, The First Woman in the American Colonies to Appear Before a Court of Common Law
  65. Margaret Tobin Brown, Unsinkable Maggie--Titanic Survivor
  66. Maria Mitchell, Helped Found the American Association Of University Women
  67. Maria Montessori, Feminist and Creator of the Montessori Learning Technique
  68. Marie Stopes, Eugenicist and Birth Control Pioneer
  69. Maria Teresa Mirabal, One of Las Mariposas
  70. Marie Equi, Birth Control Provider, Political Demonstrator, and Suffragist
  71. Mariska Hargitay, Actress and Advocate For Various Causes
  72. Martha Borthwick Cheney, Translator and Feminist
  73. Mary Agnes Chase, Botanist and Social Activist
  74. Mary Curzon, Vicereine of India who Used Her Position to Advocate for Women in the Medical Field
  75. Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, Dress Reform and Suffrage Advocate
  76. Mary McLeod Bethune, Civil Rights and Women's Rights Advocate
  77. Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, Feminist Author
  78. Millicent Fawcett, Leading Suffragette in the United Kingdom
  79. Minerva Mirabal, One of Las Mariposas
  80. Monica Lewinsky, Activist and Anti-Cyber-bullying Advocate
  81. Myra Bradwell, Lawyer Who Used Her Legal Knowledge to Help 19th Century Women
  82. Nancy Astor, Viscountess Astor, The First Woman Elected To British Parliament & Allowed to Take Her Seat
  83. Naziq al-Abid, Suffragette who Fought for Syrian Women's Right to Vote
  84. Olympe de Gouges, Author of the Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Female Citizen
  85. Patria Mirabal, One of Las Mariposas
  86. Penelope Barker, Organizer of the First Women's Political Demonstration in the United States
  87. Phyllis Schlafly, Defender of the Conservative Woman's Way of Life
  88. Prudence Crandall, Abolitionist and Education Activist
  89. Qandeel Baloch, Used Her Social Media Influence to Further the Case of Girls in Pakistan--and was Murdered For It
  90. Qiu Jin, China's Joan of Arc Who Battled Against Confucian Norms
  91. Rania al-Abdullah, Uses Her Position as Queen Consort of Jordan to Help Women and Children Around the World
  92. Sally Ride, The First American Woman to Go to Space
  93. Sara Blakely, Uses Her Influence and Assets to Help Women and Girls the World Over
  94. Sarah T Hughes, Federal Judge who Used Her Position to Help Enfranchise the Women of Texas
  95. Seraph Young Ford, The First Woman to Cast a Ballot in a US Election
  96. Simone Veil, Politician who Helped Legalize Abortion in France Among Other Women's Rights Advocacy Causes
  97. Sofia Kovalevskaya, Mathematician Who Fought For Equal Rights For Women in University
  98. Soraya Tarzi, Queen Consort of Afghanistan who Used Her Position to Benefit Afghani Women
  99. Stephanie Garman Freed, Co-Founder of Rapha House International
  100. Susan B Anthony, Pioneering Leader of the Women's Suffrage Movement in the United States
  101. Sutematsu Oyama, Women's Education Advocate in Her Native Japan
  102. Theodora I, Empress of the Byzantine Empire
  103. Tye Leung Schulze, Fought to End the Chinese Slave Trade in California
  104. Williamina Paton Stevens Fleming, Advocated for Better Wages and More Women in the Field of Astronomy
  105. Veronica Franco, Poet and Courtesan
  106. Victoria Woodhull, The First Woman in US History to Run for President