These entries were victims of a crime sometime in their life. Unfortunately, some of these entries were never able to escape their abuser, or some of them were set upon at their most vulnerable moment. Sadly, some of them were attacked out of the blue, and never saw it coming. This page honors all of these entries, men and women, and vows to never forget them.

And since this is my personal website, I'm allowed to play around with the words "victim of a crime" and "criminal." For example, some of the entries on this list were convicted of a crime and executed for it--however, they were really victims of an authoritarian regime or an unfair crime (see prisoners executed by Nazis, victims of the Shoah, or people believed to be innocent today that were killed etc). Some of the entries could easily be placed under several of these headings, so I tried to choose the one I felt was most appropriate.


Cultural or Any Other Form of Intolerance:

  • Ah Toy, The First Chinese Prostitute in San Francisco who Suffered Intolerance From White Officials Due to Her Ethnic Background
  • Asia Bibi, Christian Woman Unjustly Convicted of Blasphemy & Sentenced to Death (She was Later Acquitted)
  • Boudica, she burned London to the ground
  • Catherine O'Leary, Life was Ruined by the Rumor She had Started the Great Chicago Fire (because She was an Irish Immigrant)
  • Edmonia Lewis, was Beaten by a White Mob After Being Falsely Accused of Poisoning Fellow Students
  • Hypatia of Alexandria, she's my number one for a reason
  • Joanna Palani, Abused by Her Parents for Being Both Too Western and Too Kurdish
  • Matt Shepard, his horrible murder sparked national attention, eventually culminating into Federal Laws to protect against hate crimes
  • Ota Benga, this story will make you sick...with fury

Domestic Abuse:

* I have included Annette but not her other sisters—not because I do not believe their stories, but because Annette initially came forward to accuse her family of domestic abuse before her other sisters

Dowry Crime or Honor Killing:

Eugenics/Medical Victim:


Murder/Wrongful Death:

Rape/Sexual Assault:

  • Aaliyah Haughton, Married to a R-Kelly When She was Fifteen and He was Twenty-Seven
  • Deshauna Barber, Motivational Speaker who Advocates for Fellow Survivors
  • Gudiya, Five-Year-Old Rape Victim Who Finally Got Justice
  • Jyoti Singh, remember her name, fight for it to never happen again
  • Leyla Mafi, Mentally Ill Girl Who was Flogged For Child Prostitution in Iran
  • Lina Medina, Youngest Confirmed Human Mother in Medical History
  • Margot Wolk, The Last Surviving Food Tester for Hitler
  • Maria Halpin Hunt, Her Life was Destroyed by a US President
  • Samantha Geimer, Accused Roman Polanski of Raping Her When She was Thirteen Years Old

Religious Martyr:

War Crimes/Execution:

Other Crimes:

  • Alice Paul, Force-Fed and Held Under False Imprisonment for Seven Months
  • Ann Hodges, Just Because a Meteor Hit Her Doesn't Mean She Wanted Fame
  • Bobbie Arnstein, Hugh Hefner's Personal Assistant who Committed Suicide After Continued Harassment from the Federal Government
  • Bridget Driscoll, First Person Killed by an Automobile in the United Kingdom
  • Cathay Williams, The Only Female Buffalo Soldier who was Robbed by Her Own Husband
  • Christine Collins, The Real Woman Behind the Film Changeling
  • Malala Yousafzai, Education Activist For Girls Around the World
  • Maria Milagro de Hoyos, Sadly, she's known for what happened to her corpse after her death
  • Mercy Brown, Victim of Vampire Hysteria
  • Nick Yarris, And people say we don't need a reform of the Criminal Justice System
  • Phoolan Devi, She could fall under domestic abuse, kidnapping, and sexual assault, so I'll just put her here
  • Vesna Vulovic, Survived a 33,000 Foot Drop After the Plane She was on Exploded