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879: Clara de la Rocha

Soldadera in the Mexican Revolution

Birth Date Unknown, Durango, Mexico

Died: 1 June 1970, Culiacán Municipality, Sinaloa, Mexico

Clara was a Mexican Revolutionary who helped seize Culiacán. She achieved the rank of Colonel, but little else is known about her. According to a distant relative, Clara once attacked a power station on horseback, which allowed rebel fighters to attack at night without being seen.

Clara was also the hair inspiration for Princess Leia’s iconic hair loops in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Other possible inspirations might stem from the Native American Hopi tribe (located in Northeastern Arizona). Some Hopi women have worn their hair in buns similar to Princess Leia’s but not exactly the same. For Hopi women, their buns are more square shaped than round. To see photos, click here.

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