747: Gregoria Apaza

Bartolina Sisa’s Sister-in-Law and Rebel Leader

Born: c.1752, Viceroyalty of Peru, (Present-day Ayo Ayo, Bolivia)

Died: 5 September 1782, Nuestra Señora de La Paz, Viceroyalty of Peru, (Present-day La Paz, Bolivia)

Gregoria’s brother was the famed rebel leader Túpac Katari, who in turn was married to Bartolina.

Gregoria revolted against the Spanish in present-day Bolivia and was an indigenous leader amongst her people, the Aymara. She was married and had one child.

Reportedly, Gregoria was incredibly important and was seen as one of the true leaders of the rebellion. She fought in battle and worked to distribute the spoils of war her people had accrued. According to some sources, Gregoria was also entitled "Queen" and was in charge of executions in Sorata. Obviously, none of this made her very popular with the Spanish.

Gregoria, Bartolina, and their army were eventually defeated, and the leaders executed.

In 1983, a group of women founded the Center for the Promotion of Women Gregoria Apaza that promotes equality and equity between men and women in Bolivia.

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The Tupac Amaru and Catarista Rebellions: An Anthology of Sources edited by Ward Stavig and Ella Schmidt