"I still remember her. She was a quiet woman who kept herself to herself but was polite. We all thought that she had just moved out and gone to live with relatives." -Hedviga’s neighbor who remembered her from before she went missing

596: Hedviga Golik

Always Check in On Your Neighbors; Even if You Don’t Know Them

Born: 1924, Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Present-day Croatia)

Died: 1966, Zagreb, Socialist Yugoslavia (Present-day Zagreb, Croatia)

Hedviga was a quiet woman who kept to herself and was last seen by her neighbors in 1966.

Forty-two years later, in May of 2018, the owner of her apartment complex had the police break down the door to see who was living inside. Instead of finding a squatter, the police found Hedviga’s body.

It looked as though Hedviga had sat down to a cup of tea and to watch some television and then she died.

Someone eventually reported her missing, but no one ever checked her apartment.

The police in 2008 said the apartment was like a time capsule of things nobody had seen in decades. Hedviga was found still sitting in her chair in front of her television, her cup of tea on the table beside her.

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