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"Since my story came out some people recognise me – but when they don’t they are confused. The reactions I get are so funny. They look at my eyes … then my beard … and then my boobs.”

566: Harnaam Kaur

Guinness Book Record Holder for Youngest Female with a Full Beard

Born: 29 November 1990, Slough, United Kingdom

Harnaam first started growing facial hair at the age of twelve.

She was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome which causes a biologically female person to have much more testosterone than average—explaining her facial hair.

Harnaam is now a body positivity and anti-bullying activist after suffering abuse from peers for years over her appearance. She has spoken and traveled all over the world, and views herself as a pansexual activist bringing attention to cis women and trans men suffering from PCOS.

She has done a TED Talk as well, which I have linked in this article.