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499: Harriet Quimby

The First US Woman to get her Pilot’s License

Born: 11 May 1875, Michigan, United States of America (Possibly the City of Arcadia)

Died: 1 July 1912, Quincy, Massachusetts, United States of America

Harriet earned License #37 on 1st August 1911.

She started out as a writer for the San Francisco Dramatic Review and briefly considered acting as a career.

In 1905, she began writing for various magazines in New York as a drama critic, photographer, and more.

Once she achieved her pilot’s license, she made sure to wear a violet satin flying suit to showcase her sense of style to go along with her ability to fly.

Less than a month after earning her license she won her first race (that had a $600 prize attached to it).

A few months later she became the first woman to fly at night.

Harriet was known for being dedicated to safety and pre-flight checks—precedents that have stayed to modern day, but she died in a crash, becoming the fourth woman to die in a plane crash.

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