470: Gudiya (Not Real Name)

Born: c.2008, India

Gudiya is rape victim who was five years old at the time her neighbor and a friend kidnapped her and held her captive in April 2013.

The men raped her and left broken shards of a glass bottle inside of her alongside pieces of candles as well. Then the men left her in a locked room for forty hours with no food or water. They were hoping she would die. but thankfully she was rescued instead. Gudiya later had to survive an infection brought on from the foreign objects.

Gudiya was taken right after Jyoti Singh’s case made international news in December of 2012.

In 2017, she was still fighting to bring the men who hurt her to justice.

Gudiya’s father said that they received lots of attention and help for the first six months after the attack but then all the attention went away, and Gudiya was left to fight alone.

As of the time the articles (linked below) were written in 2017, the Gudiya family had received no compensation or any other justice. Multiple men were accused of brutalizing Gudiya but were still waiting for trial in 2017—one of the men was even set free because he was a minor.

Finally, in 2020, two of the men accused of hurting Gudiya were found guilty in New Delhi's court system. In late January the court sentenced them both to twenty years "vigorous imprisonment." They were both also fined Rs 31,500 (or around $415 US in June 2020) each and a compensation fine of Rs 11 lakh (or around $14,550 US in June 2020) each to Gudiya and her family. Disgustingly, the two men's attorneys argued they should have received a more lenient sentence because they were first time offenders and they had to care for their ailing parents. The court obviously didn't care or believe that garbage of an excuse though. Good riddance to both of them, and thank God justice has finally been served.