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456: Kayla Mueller

Human Rights Activist and Christian Aid Worker

Born: 14 August 1988, Prescott, Arizona, United States of America

Died: Possibly 2014 or 2015, Syria

Kayla was taken captive by the Islamic State after leaving a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Aleppo, Syria. She was held for a year and a half and subjected to torture and rape by the leader of ISIL; with him even declaring Kayla was now his wife.

In February of 2015—after the Islamic State tweeted that Kayla had been killed in a bombing, President Obama announced her death—however, as of 2018, Kayla’s parents are saying the only proof they have of their daughter’s death is an email from the Islamic State claiming she was given Islamic Rites before burial in an undisclosed location—and the photos for “proof of death” were deemed scientifically inconclusive by an expert hired by her parents.

Three ISIL members have been captured who are known to have had a hand in Kayla’s torture and yet as of September 2018 none of them were charged with crimes against her in the United States or anywhere else.

In late 2019, President Trump authorized a raid that led to the eventual death of the leader of ISIL. The raid was named in honor of Kayla.

Her parents are waiting for news as to the whereabouts of Kayla’s body, and for justice to be served.

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