Courtesy of Paranorms

405: Angelique Cottin

Girl Who Showed Frequent Poltergeist-Like Activity in the Beginning of 1846

Birth Date: c.1832, Outside Montagne, Normandy, France

Death Date: Unknown

What is known is Angelique’s family used her abilities to make money because they were very poor, but to this day no one can prove or disprove the things that happened to this girl.

It started with the table where Angelique was trying to work on silks shaking whenever she approached it. From there objects began flying around the room whenever she entered them. Some sources claimed she could manipulate magnets and tell where the north pole was by touching a compass.

The manifestations nearly always happened between seven and nine PM, and only after she had eaten something. The left side of Angelique’s body was nearly always warmer than the right. As soon as the powers would start up, Angelique would become so frightened she would try to run away.

However, after ten weeks of these experiences, they abruptly stopped, but undeterred, Angelique continued to travel and showcase objects flying away from her, causing many to believe, back then and today, that the entire thing was a hoax the whole time.