Courtesy of Zimbio

349: Monica Mitro

Former Executive Producer of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Birth Date and Location Unknown

Monica has served in that position almost every year from 2018 back to 1995. In 2019, it was announced that the fashion show had been cancelled for that year, leaving the fate of the show unknown.

Monica is also the former executive vice-president of public relations for Victoria's Secret.

In 2020, news emerged Monica had left Victoria's Secret and their parent corporation, L Brands. For years, Monica was verbally abused by a top corporate officer for L Brands, and colleagues said Monica was sometimes left in tears because of it. Monica, not trusting the HR Department within L Brands, instead appealed directly to the Board of Directors.

After she made the decision to voice her complaints against the executives within L Brands, Monica was placed on administrative leave. She has not been seen within the walls of L Brands since. However, it is known Monica hired attorneys in Los Angeles and reached a settlement with L Brands. That settlement bars Monica from speaking out about the terms of the contract.