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264: Magda Gabor

Actress and Oldest of the Three Gabor Sisters (Zsa Zsa and Eva Being the Other Two)

Born: 11 June 1915, Budapest, Hungary

Died: 6 June 1997, Palm Springs, California, United States of America

Original Name: Magdolna Gábor

Magda is more remembered for being a socialite than her acting abilities.

She was married six times (one of which was to her sister Zsa Zsa’s ex-husband).

Magda was supposedly able to speak a dozen languages.

During World War II, she drove a Red Cross Truck and participated in the resistance movement in her native Hungary to help the Jewish people.

She spent the last eighteen years of her life severely disabled after a debilitating stroke, yet she continued to care for her mother till the end—dying two months to the day after her mother passed away.

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