Some of them wore the crown, others were surrounded by it. In either case, here are those who were near the throne for some period of their lives.


The Royals:

Ruled In Africa:


Ruled in Asia:


Ruled in Europe:


Ruled in the Middle East:


Ruled in North America:

  • Awashonks, Though Not Technically a Queen, the British Referred to Her as One
  • Ka'ahumanu, Queen of Hawaii
  • Xochitl, Queen of the Toltec Empire

Ruled in Oceania/Australia:

Ruled in South America:

Those Near the Throne:

From Africa:

  • Nebet, Vizier to Pharaoh Pepi I

From Asia:

  • Fu Hao, Consort to Emperor Wu Ding of China, Military General, Priestess, etc
  • Murasaki Shikibu, Court Lady and Novelist During the Japanese Heian Period
  • Peter Carl Fabergé, Maker of the Fabulous Fabergé Eggs and Jewelry
  • Ruan An, The Vietnamese Man Who Built China's Forbidden City
  • Shangguan Wan'er, Prime Minister to Wu Zetian (Chinese Empress)
  • Yao Niang, Court Dancer Attributed With Popularizing Foot Binding

From Europe:

From the Middle East:


From North America:


From Oceania/Australia:


From South America: