These Entries Are Out to Prove You Can Make History While Still Alive.

Please Note, I will do my best to keep this list as up to date as possible, but sometimes people pass away and I don't find out about it right away. If you catch an entry here that has in fact passed on, please let me know so I can update their status. Thanks!


  1. Abigail Johnson, CEO of Fidelity Inc
  2. Ada Yonath, Crystallographer Who Identified the Structure of a Ribosome
  3. Asia Bibi, Christian Woman Accused and Later Acquitted of Blasphemy
  4. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, First Lady of Nigeria
  5. Alecia Moore, aka P!nk
  6. Alveda King, Activist, Politician, Author, and More
  7. Amal Al-Sadah, One of Osama Bin Laden's Five Wives
  8. Amanda Knox, Journalist
  9. Amina Ali Nkeki, The First Girl Recovered from Boko Haram after 276 Chibok Schoolgirls Were Kidnapped in 2014 (#BringBackOurGirls)
  10. Andra Rush, Founder of Rush Trucking
  11. Andreja Pejic, Transgender Supermodel
  12. Angela Lansbury, Academy Award Winning Actress
  13. Angelina Jolie, Actress and Advocate For Various Causes
  14. Anna Bagenholm, Radiologist and World Record Holder
  15. Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue
  16. Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe
  17. Annette Dionne, One Fifth of the First Set of Quintuplets Known to Survive Birth
  18. Antoinette Tuff, Stopped a School Shooter
  19. Anya Ayoung-Chee, Fashion Designer and Winner of Project Runway
  20. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Free Speech Advocate Who Fights Against FGM & Honor Killings
  21. Barbara Corcoran, Creator of the Corcoran Group and Shark on ABC's Shark Tank
  22. Barbara Walters, Journalist and Media Personality
  23. Barbi Benton, Model, Singer, and Actress
  24. Barbra Streisand, Multifaceted Entertainer
  25. Sergeant Benjamin Ferencz, The Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor
  26. Berta Soler, Leader of the Ladies in White who Advocate for the Release of Political Prisoners in Cuba
  27. Bettany Hughes, Documentarian and Historian
  28. Betty White, Actress Literally Older Than Sliced Bread
  29. Brenda Chapman, Academy Award Winning Director of Animated Films
  30. Bindi Irwin, Conservationist and Animal Rights Activist
  31. Bradley Willman, Created a Trojan Horse Virus to Catch Predators as a Teenager
  32. Camilla, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall
  33. Carlina White, Abducted Child Who Solved Her Own Kidnapping
  34. Carnie Wilson, Singer and Television Personality
  35. Carol Greider, Molecular Biologist
  36. Caroline Kennedy, Former US Ambassador to Japan
  37. Carrie Ann Inaba, Choreographer and Television Personality
  38. Casey Legler, The First Woman to be Contracted as a Male Model
  39. Catherine, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge
  40. Catherine Cortez Masto, The First Latina State Attorney General and Senator
  41. Catherine Farrell Adler, The First Female Marine to Serve in Arlington's Marine Corps Honor Guard
  42. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Actress
  43. Cathie Jung, Now That is a Slim Waist
  44. Cecile Dionne, One Fifth of the First Set of Quintuplets Known to Survive Infancy
  45. Cherilyn Sarkisian, AKA Cher
  46. Chita Rivera, Broadway Performer
  47. Christiane Nusslein-Volhard, Nobel Prize Winning Biologist
  48. Christie Hefner, Former CEO of Playboy Enterprises Inc
  49. Christina Hoff Sommers, Author and Advocate for Equity Feminism
  50. Cindy Crawford, Supermodel
  51. Claressa Shields, Professional Boxer and MMA Fighter
  52. Claudette Colvin, Refused to Give Up Her Bus Seat Nine Months Before Rosa Parks
  53. Colleen Stan, The Girl in the Box
  54. Condoleezza Rica, Former Secretary of States to the United States
  55. Danica Patrick, Retired Professional Race Car Driver
  56. Daryl Davis, Musician and Civil Rights Advocate
  57. Debbie Allen, Choreographer and So Much More
  58. Deborah E Lipstadt, Shoah Historian
  59. Denise Morrison, Former CEO of Campbell Soup Co
  60. Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016 and US Army Reserve Logistics Commander
  61. Diane Sawyer, Journalist
  62. Do Won Chang, Founder of Forever 21
  63. Don Wildman, Host of Mysteries at the Museum
  64. Donatella Versace, Vice-President of the Versace Group
  65. Dorothy Counts-Scoggins, Helped End Segregation of Charlotte, North Carolina High Schools
  66. Douglas Pitt, Humanitarian and Advocate for the People of Tanzania
  67. Edith M Flanigen, Chemist Who Holds Over 100 Patents
  68. Elizabeth Blackburn, Former President of the Salk Institute of Biological Studies
  69. Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom
  70. Ellen DeGeneres, Comedian and Actress
  71. Ellen Rometsch, Possible Soviet Spy
  72. Emma Watson, Actress and Model
  73. Erika Ervin, Transgender Model Known Professionally as Amazon Eve
  74. Famke Janssen, Actress
  75. Fereshteh Forough, CEO & Founder of Code to Inspire
  76. Frances Bean Cobain, Musician and Model
  77. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, The Virologist Who Co-Discovered HIV
  78. Colonel Gail Halvorsen, The Berlin Candy Bomber
  79. Gary Staab, Sculpture Artist Who Specializes in Paleolithic Subjects
  80. Gennifer Flowers, Model Remembered for Having an Affair with Bill Clinton
  81. Gina Haspel, Director of the CIA
  82. Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM
  83. Gloria Estefan, Musician and Dancer
  84. Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, German Princess and Businesswoman
  85. Greg Louganis, Gold Medal Olympic Diver
  86. Gretchen Carlson, Journalist
  87. Gudiya, Five Year Old Rape Victim Who Finally Got Justice
  88. Harnaam Kaur, The Bearded Lady and Activist
  89. Harrison Ruffin Tyler, Still Living Grandson of the 10th US President
  90. Heidi Fleiss, Hollywood's Most Notorious Madam
  91. Imelda Marcos, Former First Lady of the Philippines
  92. Indra Nooyi, Former CEO of Pepsi Co
  93. Isabel Martínez de Perón, The First Female President of Argentina
  94. Ivana Trump, Author, Businesswoman, and Former Model
  95. Ivanka Trump Kushner, Former Business Leader at the Trump Organization
  96. Jan Brewer, Former Governor of Arizona
  97. Jane Goodall, Primatologist
  98. Janet Guthrie, Former Professional Race Car Driver
  99. Janet Jackson, Singer, Choreographer, and More
  100. Janet Wojcicki, Anthropologist and Epidemiologist
  101. Janet Yellen, Former Chair of the United States Federal Reserve
  102. Janice Hooker, The Woman Who Helped Kidnap and Then Later Help Colleen Stan Escape
  103. Jason Everman, Former Musician and Green Beret
  104. Jaya Varma Sinha, Manager of the South Eastern Railway System in India
  105. Jaycee Lee Dugard, Kidnap Victim and Author
  106. Jeanine Pirro, Former Judge, DA, and Prosecutor
  107. Jennifer Lee, Chief Creative Officer at Disney Studios
  108. Jillian Michaels, Fitness Trainer and So Much More
  109. Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP
  110. Joanna Palani, Freedom Fighter
  111. Joanne Hayes-White, Former Fire Chief of San Francisco's Fire Department
  112. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Astrophysicist Who Discovered Pulsars
  113. Jodie Foster, Actress and Director
  114. John Walsh, Creator and Host of America's Most Wanted
  115. Joy Mangano, Inventor
  116. Julian Assange, Founder of WikiLeaks
  117. Julie Andrews, Academy Award Winning Actress
  118. Julie Krone, The First Female Horse Jockey to Win the American Triple Crown
  119. Juliette Lewis, Actress and Musician
  120. Justin Wren, Former MMA Fighter and Humanitarian
  121. Jyoti Amge, The World's Smallest Living Woman
  122. Kathrine Switzer, The First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon
  123. Kathryn Beaumont, Voice Actress and Disney Legend
  124. Kathryn Bigelow, The First Woman to Ever Win an Academy Award for Best Director
  125. Katrina Lake, CEO of Stitch Fix
  126. Kellyanne Conway, The First Woman to Run a Successful United States Presidential Campaign
  127. Khoudia Diop, Model and Activist
  128. La Toya Jackson, Multi-talented Media Personality
  129. Lady Gaga, Actress and Musician
  130. Laila Ali, Retired Professional Boxer
  131. Laura Welch Bush, Former First Lady of the United States of America
  132. Lauren Holiday, Retired Olympic Soccer Player
  133. Laurie Hernandez, Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics
  134. Laverne Cox, Actress & LGBT Advocate
  135. Leigh Searl, Founder of America's Career Force
  136. Leyla Mafi, Mentally Ill Child Prostitute Who Was Flogged After Having Her Death Sentence Reduced
  137. Lillian Fishburne, The First Female African American Rear Admiral in the US Navy
  138. Lily Rose Lee, Kidnap Victim
  139. Lina Medina, the Youngest Confirmed Mother in Medical History
  140. Linda B Buck, Physiologist and Neurobiologist
  141. Linda Hamilton, Actress
  142. Linnda Caporael, Proposed Ergot Poisoning as a Cause for the Salem Witch Trials
  143. Lisa Ling, Journalist and Television Presenter
  144. Lisa Marie Presley, Singer-songwriter and Elvis's Daughter
  145. Liza Minnelli, Actress and Singer
  146. Loretta Lynn, Country Music Legend
  147. Lori Greiner, Patent Queen and Shark on ABC's Shark Tank
  148. Lorllys Ramos Acevedo, Former Head of the Venezuelan Aviation Accident Unit
  149. Lorna Luft, Actress and Singer
  150. Lydia Nsekera, Member of the International Olympics Committee & The FIFA Executive Council
  151. Lynne Chinn, Mosaic Artist and The Best Aunt Ever
  152. Lynne Patton, Businesswoman and HUD Employee
  153. Madeline Stuart, One of the First Professional Models to Be Born With Down Syndrome
  154. Madonna Ciccone, Queen of Pop
  155. Mae C Jemison, The First African American Woman to Go to Space
  156. Maggie Smith, Actress
  157. Malala Yousafzai, Education Activist
  158. Manon Rheaume, The First Woman to Work as a Goalie on a Professional Hockey Team
  159. Margaret Hamilton, Retired NASA Computer Code Writer
  160. Margaret Keane, Painter
  161. Marie Claude Beaumont, Retired Le Mans Driver
  162. Marie "Mimi" Haist, Queen Mimi
  163. Mark Hogancamp, The Real Inspiration Behind Welcome to Marwin
  164. Marillyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin
  165. Marilu Henner, Actress
  166. Mariska Hargitay, Actress and Advocate For Various Causes
  167. Marissa Mayer, Google's First Female Software Engineer
  168. Marla Maples, Actress and Television Personality
  169. Mary Higby Schweitzer, Paleontologist who Made an Astonishing Discovery
  170. Mary T Barra, CEO of General Motors
  171. Mary Vincent, Kidnap Victim Who Had Her Forearms Cut Off Before Being Left For Dead
  172. Dr. Matt Carriker, YouTuber and Veterinarian
  173. May-Britt Moser, Psychologist and Neuroscientist
  174. Mayim Bialik, Actress and Neuroscientist
  175. McKenna Dahl, Paralympian Rifle Shooter
  176. Meg Whitman, Former CEO of Ebay
  177. Megan Leavey, Former Marine Corps Corporal in a K-9 Unit
  178. Meira Kumar, India's First Female Speaker of Lok Sabha
  179. Melania Trump, Former First Lady of the United States
  180. Melanie Gaydos, Model with Ectodermal Dysplasia
  181. Melissa Lora, Former President of Taco Bell International
  182. Michele Roberts, Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association
  183. Mike Rowe, Host of Dirty Jobs
  184. Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN
  185. Misty Copeland, The First African American Woman to be Hired as a Principal Dancer for a Major Ballet Company
  186. Misty May-Treanor, Retired Olympic Gold Medalist in Beach Volleyball
  187. Monica Lewinsky, Activist and Anti-Cyber-bullying Advocate
  188. Monica Mitro, Executive Producer of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
  189. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, The First Female French Minister of Education
  190. Nancy Lieberman, The First Woman to Coach a Men's Professional Sports Team
  191. Natalie Gulbis, Professional Golfer
  192. Nick D'Aloisio, Sold His Startup Company, Aged 18, For $30 Million
  193. Nick Yarris, Wrongfully Convicted Felon & Author of The Fear of 13
  194. Noor Al-Hussein, Dowager Queen of Jordan
  195. Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi, Olympic Rifle Shooter Who Competed While Eight Months Pregnant
  196. Ola Ray, Actress and Model
  197. Dr. Oluwo Adedunmola, The Doctorpreneur
  198. Oprah Winfrey, That's All You Need, Just...Oprah
  199. Owen Suskind, Autism Advocate
  200. Paris Jackson, Model and Actress
  201. Paul Rusesabinga, Humanitarian Who Saved Over 1,200 During the Rwandan Genocide
  202. Peggy Whitson, Former NASA Astronaut
  203. Phiona Mutesi, The Queen of Katwe
  204. Priscilla Presley, Business Magnate and Ex-Wife of Elvis Presley
  205. Priyaleen Singh, Archaeological Conservationist
  206. Queen Latifah, Actress and Musician
  207. Rachel Weisz, Academy Award Winning Actress
  208. Rahat Khan, The Hockey Queen of Pakistan
  209. Rania al-Abdullah, Queen Consort of Jordan
  210. Rebecca Romijn, Actress and Model
  211. Rebecca Skloot, Science Author and Creator of the Henrietta Lacks Foundation
  212. Robert Irwin, Animal Conservationist and Photographer
  213. Robert Jan Van Pelt, Auschwitz Historian
  214. Roberta Cordano, The First Deaf Female President of a United States University
  215. Rolf Mengele, Attorney Who Tries To Distance Himself From His Father's Sins
  216. Rosalind Brewer, COO of Starbucks
  217. Rosalynn Carter, Former First Lady of the United States of America
  218. Ruth Westheimer, Sexologist Known Affectionately as Dr. Ruth
  219. Safia Farkash El Hadad, Former First Lady of Libya
  220. Safra Catz, Co-CEO of Oracle
  221. Salima Ikram, Archaeologist and Professor at the American University in Cairo
  222. Samantha Geimer, Child Rape Survivor
  223. Samira Shahbandar, Second Wife of Saddam Hussein
  224. Sandra Day O'Connor, The First Female US Supreme Court Justice
  225. Sara Blakely, Spanx Founder
  226. Sarah Anzick, Molecular Biologist
  227. Sarah Palin, Former Governor of Alaska
  228. Sarah Parcak, Archaeologist Who Uses Satellite Technology to Great Effect
  229. Sarah Thomas, The First Woman to Officiate Multiple NFL Games
  230. Sau Lan Wu, Particle Physicist
  231. Major Scott Smiley, The First Person to Continue to Serve, Active Duty, In the US Army After Becoming Blind
  232. Sharbat Gula, Subject of The Afghan Girl Photograph
  233. Sheri McCoy, Former CEO of Avon Beauty
  234. Sherry Lansing, The First Woman to Head a Major Hollywood Production Film Studio
  235. Shirley Ann Jackson, Physicist
  236. Sigourney Weaver, Actress and the Queen of Sci-Fi
  237. Sonia Gandhi, Leader in Indian Politics
  238. Stephanie Garman Freed, Co-Founder and CEO of Rapha House International
  239. Stephanie of Monaco, Princess, Singer, and Advocate
  240. Stephanie Murphy, Member of the US House of Representatives
  241. Steve Buscemi, Actor and Former Firefighter
  242. Sue Ellen Cooper, Founder of the Red Hat Society
  243. Sumiko Iwamuro, Japan's DJ Grandma
  244. Susan Boyle, Singer and International Sensation
  245. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube
  246. Sylvia Earle, Marine Biologist
  247. Tatyana McFadden, Paralympic Wheelchair Racer
  248. Terra Jole, Actress
  249. Tessy Thomas, Missile Engineer
  250. Theresa May, Former Vice President of the United Kingdom
  251. Tiffany Trump, Law Student & Socialite
  252. Tina Turner, Singer and Dancer
  253. Toni Basil, Choreographer and So Much More
  254. Tripp Phillips, Inventor of Le Glue
  255. Trisha Prabhu, Inventor & CEO of ReThink Technology
  256. Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
  257. Tu Youyou, Pharmaceutical Chemist
  258. Tyra Banks, Model and Television Host
  259. Ursula Burns, Former CEO of Xerox
  260. Valentina Tereshkova, The First Woman to Go to Space
  261. Viola Davis, Actress and Producer
  262. Whang od-Oggay, The Oldest Still Living Mambabatok Tattoo Artist
  263. Zahi Hawass, Former Minister of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities
  264. Zoe Saldana, Actress, Model, and Dancer