These are the People born in the state of Virginia, in the United States of America.


  1. General Ann E Dunwoody, The First Woman to Become a Four-Star General in the US Army
  2. Belle Boyd, Confederate Spy
  3. Carrie Buck Detamore, Plaintiff in the Now Infamous Buck v Bell Supreme Court Case and Victim of the American Eugenics Movement
  4. Clara Brown, Former Slave who Helped Settle Colorado
  5. Private First-Class Desmond Doss, The First Conscientious Objector to be Awarded the Medal of Honor
  6. Doris Buck Figgins, Victim of the Eugenics Movement in the United States
  7. Edith Wilson, Former First Lady of the United States
  8. Elizabeth Keckley, Former Slave Turned Seamstress to Mary Todd Lincoln
  9. Grace Sherwood, The Last Woman Convicted of Witchcraft in Virginia
  10. Henrietta Lacks, Her Cells Have Saved Millions of Lives
  11. James Parks, Freed Slave Who is Prominently Buried at Arlington National Cemetery
  12. Jessie Fremont, Author & Wife of John C Fremont
  13. June Carter Cash, Actress, Comedian, Musician, Member of the Carter Family, & Wife of Johnny
  14. Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr, Grandson of the 10th US President, He Died 175 Years After His Grandfather Left the White House
  15. Maggie Walker, Civil Rights Activist and Businesswoman
  16. Maybelle Carter, Matriarch of Country Music
  17. Martha Washington, America's First First Lady
  18. Mary Anna Custis Lee, Martha Washington's Great-Great-Granddaughter
  19. Mary Jackson, The First African American Female Engineer at NASA
  20. Melba Roy Mouton, One of NASA's Hidden Figures
  21. Nancy Astor, Viscountess Astor, the First Elected Woman Able to Take Her Seat in Great Britain's Parliament
  22. Ona Judge Staines, Escaped Slavery by Walking Out the Front Door
  23. Oriana Moon Andrews, Confederate Doctor and Surgeon
  24. Patrick Henry, Famous Founding Father
  25. Pocahontas, One of the Most Famous Native Americans of All Time
  26. Roger Arliner Young, The First African American Woman to Earn a PhD in Zoology
  27. Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson's Secret No Longer
  28. Sarah Shelton Henry, Patrick Henry's First Wife
  29. Virginia Dare, the First English Baby Born in the New World