These are the People born in the state of Tennessee in the United States of America.


  1. Sergeant Alvin York, One of the Most Decorate US Soldiers From World War I
  2. Angelina Eberly, Hero of the Texas Archive War
  3. Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul
  4. Carrie Crawford Smith, Ran an Employment Agency to Help Women & Minorities
  5. Commander Charles "Chick" Parsons, The Man Who Made General MacArthur's Triumphant Return to the Philippines Possible
  6. Ella Harper, The Camel Girl
  7. Jackie Mitchell, Baseball Pitcher Who Struck Out Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig
  8. Lisa Marie Presley, Singer-songwriter and Elvis's Daughter
  9. Margaret Keane, Artist Known For Her "Big Eyes" Paintings
  10. Mary Fields, aka Stagecoach Mary
  11. Mary Bradford Johns, Heroine of the Battle of Nashville
  12. Myrtle Corbin, The Four-Legged Sideshow Performer
  13. Nancy Ward, The Last Beloved Woman of the Cherokee
  14. Sarah Polk, Former First Lady of the United States
  15. Tina Turner, Singer and Dancer