These are the People born in the state of Ohio in the United States of America.


  1. Chandra Levy, Political Intern Remembered for Her Brutal Murder
  2. Dorothy Kamenshek, All-American Girls' Professional Baseball League Player
  3. Flora Call Disney, Walt and Roy's Mother
  4. Harriet Taylor Upton, Women's Suffrage Advocate, Political Icon, Dazzling Daughter, Need I Go On...
  5. John Glenn, United States Armed Forces Veteran and the First Man to Step Foot on the Moon
  6. Specialist Fourth-Class Joseph LaPointe Jr, Medal of Honor Recipient For His Actions in the Vietnam War
  7. Katharine Wright Haskell, Supportive Sister and So Much More
  8. Phoebe "Annie Oakley" Moses-Butler, One of the Most Famous Sharpshooters of All Time
  9. Susanna Salter, The First Female Elected Mayor in US History
  10. Sergeant Sylvester Antolak, Medal of Honor Recipient For His Actions in World War II
  11. Victoria Woodhull, The First Woman to Run for US President