These are the People born in the state of Missouri in the United States of America.


  1. Anna J Harrison, Physical Chemist
  2. Arizona Barker, Outlaw Known as Ma Barker
  3. Belle Starr, Wild West Outlaw
  4. Calamity Jane, Wild West Catastrophe
  5. Cathay Williams, The First Woman to Enlist in the US Army
  6. Dorothy Stratton, Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard's SPARs (World War II)
  7. Dorothy Vaughan, Hidden Figure and FORTRAN Programmer
  8. Douglas Pitt, Humanitarian for the People of Tanzania
  9. Corporal Frank Buckles, The Last Surviving United States Veteran of World War I
  10. Julia Grant, Former First Lady of the United States of America
  11. Lucille Mulhall, The First Nationally Famous Cowgirl
  12. Margaret Tobin Brown, Unsinkable Maggie Brown
  13. Maya Angelou, Poet and Actress
  14. Capt. Mildred H McAfee Horton, Director of the WAVES During World War II
  15. Misty Copeland, The First African American Woman to be Hired as a Principal Dancer for a Major Ballet Company
  16. Nellie Neal Lawing, Also Known As Alaska Nellie
  17. Ola Ray, Model and Actress Known For Starring in the Thriller Music Video
  18. Phyllis Schlafly, Conservative Advocate
  19. Ub Iwerks, The Man Who Brought Mickey Mouse to Life