These are the People born in the state of Michigan in the United States of America.


  1. Andra Rush, Founder of Rush Trucking
  2. Claressa Shields, Professional Boxer and MMA Fighter
  3. Elizabeth Bacon Custer, Widow of George Armstrong Custer
  4. Gilda Radner, Actress and Comedian
  5. Harriet Quimby, The First US Woman to Earn Her Pilot's License
  6. Julia Gnuse, The Most Tattooed Lady in the World
  7. Julie Krone, The First Female Horse Jockey to Win the American Triple Crown
  8. Madonna Ciccone, Queen of Pop
  9. Mary T Barra, CEO of General Motors
  10. Rosalind Brewer, CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance
  11. Serena Shim, Journalist who Died After Daring to Report the Truth
  12. William Alden Smith, Lead Congressman Overseeing the Inquiry into the Titanic Disaster in the US