These are the People born in the state of Indiana in the United States of America.


  1. Helen Purviance, The Donut Queen of World War I
  2. Janet Jackson, Multi-talented Singer and More
  3. La Toya Jackson, Multi-talented Media Personality
  4. Lauren Holiday, Retired Olympic Soccer Player
  5. Margaret Hamilton, NASA Computer Code Writer
  6. Sergeant Opha Johnson, The First Woman to Enlist in the US Marine Corps
  7. Ralph Teetor, The Blind Inventor of Cruise Control
  8. Ryan White, He was Accidentally Exposed to and Become Ill with HIV--and the World Hated Him For It
  9. Dr. Susan Anderson, One of the First Female Doctors in Colorado
  10. William L Rathje, His Life's Work was Literally Called "The Garbage Project"