These are the People born in Illinois in the United States of America.


  1. Abigail Scott Duniway, Suffragist in the Pacific Northwest
  2. Betty Ford, First Lady of the United States of America
  3. Betty White, Comedian
  4. Bobbie Arnstein, Hugh Hefner's Personal Assistant
  5. Brenda Chapman, Animated Film Director
  6. Christie Hefner, Former CEO of Playboy Enterprises Inc
  7. Cindy Crawford, Supermodel
  8. Claire Schillace Donahoe, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Player
  9. Daryl Davis, Blues Musician and Civil Rights Activist
  10. Sergeant Edward Younger, The Man Who Selected The First Unknown Soldier For the United States
  11. Elizabeth Magie, Creator of Monopoly
  12. Captain Eugene Cernan, The Last Man to Step Foot on the Moon
  13. Frances Clayton, Union Soldier During the War Between the States
  14. Ginni Rometti, Former CEO of IBM
  15. Henry Darger, Janitor Who Was Discovered to be a SciFi Aficionado After Death
  16. Joanne Winter, Golf and Baseball Player
  17. John Borie Ryerson, Titanic Survivor
  18. Lori Greiner, Patent Queen
  19. Marilu Henner, Actress
  20. Mary Agnes Chase, Botanist and Social Activist
  21. Mary Curzon, Vicereine of India
  22. Minnie Vautrin, Missionary Haunted by the Things She Saw During the Rape of Nanking
  23. Olive Oatman, Famous White Captive to the Native Americans
  24. Rebecca Skloot, Scientific Author
  25. Sherry Lansing, the First Woman to Head a Major Hollywood Film Studio
  26. Toni Palermo, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Player